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‘How to Get Away With Murder’ Season 3 Finale Recap: You Won’t Believe Who is Responsible for Wes’ Death

In the two-hour, double episode season 3 finale of How to Get Away with Murder, titled “He Made A Terrible Mistake” and “Wes,” Annalise continues to battle it out with the D.A.’s office, and the tension between the Keating Four grows as new details come out about the night Wes was murdered. Meanwhile, Annalise confronts someone from her past, Connor lands in hot water, and we finally learn who killed Wes.

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Who Killed Wes?

Let’s start with the biggest reveal, shall we? We get flashbacks to the night of Wes’ murder to find Connor running away from the house as the fire breaks out with Laurel inside (more on Connor’s role later on.) Connor passes by a car parked outside of the house and the mystery man in the car is on the phone with someone. He tells this person that “it got kinda messy.”

Later on, this same mystery man gives D.A. Denver, Wes’ phone to use as leverage against Connor (again, more on that later.)

Via flashbacks of Wes’ horrible final moments, we see said mystery man drug Wes and then proceed to suffocate him as he tries to call for help. He then drags Wes’ body down to the basement and breaks the gas line to set the fire.

In one of the episode’s final scenes, we see Laurel run into this mystery man (Laurel calls him Dominic so at least we know his name) on the street and they clearly know one another. Laurel introduces Dominic to Connor and Michaela as a “family friend,” and we see a flashback of Dominic calling Laurel’s father after setting the fire. Yes, that’s right. Laurel’s father is responsible for Wes’ death!

Though we now know who to blame for Wes’ death, there are many more questions to be answered. Did Laurel’s father intend for Wes to be killed, or is that why Dominic said things got messy? Was poor Wes just in the wrong place at the wrong time? If so, what were Laurel’s father’s intentions in burning down Annalise’s house? Was he trying to send a message? Was he hoping Annalise would be there? Or did he intentionally have Wes killed in order to set Annalise up? There are so many things we don’t know, so the wait for season 4 is going to be tough.

Annalise and Company Go After Atwood

As the episode begins, Bonnie is back in court trying to get the charges against Annalise dismissed. She questions Atwood on the stand and Atwood admits to forging Nate’s signature on the transfer papers. Bonnie then tries to get Atwood to admit that she had Wes cremated in order to destroy evidence, but Atwood claims she had nothing to do with that. Without proof that Atwood tampered with the body, they cannot get the charges dropped.

After court, Bonnie tells the group they need to prove Atwood lied on the stand. They think she is connected to the Mahoney family so if they can find proof of that, they can bring them all down. Thanks to Connor, we later discover that Atwood was not working with the Mahoney family, but she was taking orders from someone.

Connor Comes Clean

Early in the episode, Connor comes back from a run and Oliver tells him that he should talk to the others about what happened that night. Connor doesn’t think they will believe him and Connor isn’t even sure if Oliver truly believes him, despite Oliver’s insistence that he does.

The next day, Michaela confronts Connor about dodging her texts. She knows he is avoiding her and that he’s keeping something from her. At Bonnie’s house, she finally pulls him away from the others to confront him about it. Michaela tells Connor that she’s only gotten through all of this because they’ve had each other to rely on. She also says that there isn’t anything he can’t tell her. When they re-join the group after an off-screen chat, Michaela basically blurts out that Connor may have killed Wes.

As Connor tells the group what happened that night, we see his tale play out via flashbacks. Connor arrives at Annalise’s house that night and sees that the basement door is open, so he heads down there. This is when he finds Wes and Wes looks pretty dead. Connor realizes that Wes isn’t breathing so he tries CPR. He does it over and over again, but he is unable to revive Wes. While doing CPR, Connor apparently cracks one of Wes’ ribs, so he’s been wondering this whole time if maybe he killed Wes by accident. He tells the group that he smelled gas so he thinks whoever really did kill Wes broke the gas line.

After Connor explains what happened that night, the group has very different reactions to his confession. Laurel is furious and automatically starts blaming him for Wes’ death while Oliver immediately takes his side. Eventually, Annalise talks to Connor alone and they have it out. Annalise decides that she believes him and she tells the others to forgive him because if they don’t, Connor’s going to kill himself and his blood will be on their hands.

Laurel Takes the Stand

Annalise decides that Connor is not capable of taking the stand so she decides to have Laurel testify instead. After the medical examiner states on the stand that there were no other injuries on Wes’ body that weren’t from the fire, Laurel takes the stand and tells Connor’s story. She claims she found Wes, performed CPR, and ended up breaking one of his ribs. She then yells at the medical examiner and asks why she’s lying about the cause of Wes’ death.

Alas, when D.A. Denver questions Laurel, he has something to cast doubt about her honesty. D.A. Denver shows Laurel an affidavit she signed saying that she lied about her kidnapping as a teenager. (This is apparently the document Laurel’s father forced her to sign earlier this season.) Denver says that since Laurel committed perjury once, they cannot trust her word now. Thanks in part to Laurel’s questionable testimony, the judge ends up denying the defense’s motion to dismiss which means Annalise and Frank are going to trial.

Annalise Realizes Who Has Been Framing Her

After the failed hearing, Connor goes to the DA’s office with a plan to make things right by telling the DA that Laurel told his story on the stand. The others try to talk him out of it and when Connor refuses to listen, Asher decides to call the burner phone of the mystery person Atwood was working for. As Connor sits in the DA’s office, he hears a phone ringing.

It turns out that the person Atwood was working for this whole time is D.A. Denver. Alas, just as the group is telling Connor to get out of there, Denver walks in. (Annalise is not surprised to learn that Denver is the one behind her frame-job since he has been gunning for her since the Hapstall case. It also makes sense that he is the one Atwood’s been working for this whole time since he was her boss and she would’ve had to do everything he said if she wanted to keep her job.)

The next day, Michaela and Oliver try filing a missing person’s report because Connor has disappeared. When we see him again, he’s being held by Denver for the customary 48 hours as Denver pressures Connor to take an immunity deal. When Connor refuses to turn on Annalise, Denver presents him with Wes’ phone, claiming they found it in Connor’s car. Yep, Denver is now trying to set Connor up for Wes’ murder.

While Connor is being harassed by Denver, Annalise and company are trying to find him, but to no avail. Since Connor refuses to sign the deal, Denver has him arrested. Connor then blurts out that he can give them something else. That something else turns out to be Oliver’s copy of Annalise’s phone. After the D.A.’s office comes to collect the phone, we learn why Annalise wanted it cleaned.

The night of the fire, Wes left a voice-mail on Annalise’s phone. Via flashbacks, we see Wes tell Annalise that the detectives are trying to blame both Sam and Rebecca’s death on her. On the voice-mail, Wes says he cannot let Annalise go down for something he did. In the present day, Annalise explains that she didn’t want the police to hear Wes’ confession. Oliver then says that while the voice-mail was deleted, the police could still find it buried in the phone data.

Annalise tells the group that she has a way to fix things for all of them by pinning all of the murders on someone else. That person turns out to be Wes. Laurel is horrified that Annalise wants to pin everything on Wes, but Annalise says it’s the only way. She also thinks it’s what Wes would want them to do.

Despite Laurel’s objections, Annalise ends up going to Denver with an offer. She says they can keep going after each other or they can put everything behind them. She plays him Wes’ voice-mail from that night and basically blames both Sam and Rebecca’s deaths on him. Annalise says that Wes couldn’t handle being confronted by everything he’d done, so he took his own life via the fire. Annalise will leave it to Denver to sell Wes’ death as a suicide, but she tells him to take this as the gift it is so they can all move on. When Denver tries to argue with her, Annalise tells him that if he doesn’t agree to her deal, she will “keep coming at you until I have your head on a stick in front of the courthouse.”

Later, we see Denver go to the judge with the voice-mail evidence. He follows Annalise’s plan and blames Sam and Rebecca’s deaths on Wes while claiming that Wes took his own life. When the judge seems doubtful of this scenario, D.A. Denver says he got this one wrong.

As the season finale comes to a close, we see that Frank has been released, so one can assume that the judge bought into Denver’s story which means Annalise and company are in the clear, at least for now. Annalise ends the episode, and therefore the season, telling her AA group all about her strange bond with Wes. A tearful Annalise ends her tale by saying that Wes “was my son and he’s gone.”

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Annalise Confronts Mrs. Mahoney

Earlier in the episode, the group is shocked when Charles Mahoney is released from prison. Apparently, with Wes dead, they could no longer prove Charles killed his father. The group watches as Charles and Mrs. Mahoney speak to the press, but Annalise decides to focus on going after Atwood instead of dealing with the Mahoney family directly.

Yet once Connor goes missing, Annalise decides to put everything on the line and meet with Mrs. Mahoney. During their meeting, it’s clear that both women blame the other for the hardships they’ve suffered. Annalise accuses Mama Mahoney of killing her son, but Mama Mahoney says that was a car accident. (Is she just acting here, or did she really not know that her husband set up said accident?) Mrs. Mahoney blames Annalise for her husband’s death, but Annalise swears she had nothing to do with it.

Annalise then confronts Mama Mahoney about Wes being Wallace’s son, but Mama Mahoney shocks everyone by saying that Charles, not Wallace, is actually Wes’ father. (I did not see that one coming.) This means that Wes was Mama Mahoney’s grandson and she once again tells Annalise that she had nothing to do with what happened to him. Eventually, Annalise decides that Mama Mahoney is telling the truth. Unfortunately, that means they are back at square one when it comes to finding out who killed Wes. (While we know who was responsible for Wes’ death, the characters are still in the dark.)

Laurel Makes a Bold Move

While Annalise is convinced the Mahoney family didn’t kill Wes, Laurel does not share that belief. She talks Asher and Michaela into helping her go after Charles. While Laurel and Asher watch, Michaela approaches Charles in a bar. She flirts with him and must catch his eye because she tells Asher and Laurel that he invited her back to his place. Laurel wants Michaela to go with him so they can follow him back to his home, but Michaela wisely backs out of that plan.

Despite Asher and Michaela’s objections, Laurel then decides to go after Charles with a gun in her purse. Luckily for Laurel, she runs into her old family friend before she can actually confront Charles with said gun.

In Other News…

Laurel goes to a doctor’s appointment and she gets to hear the heartbeat. Laurel still hasn’t made a decision on what to do about her pregnancy, but she’s going to take as much time as she can to think things through.

In one of the episode’s rare light-hearted moments, Asher tells Michaela that he loves her and Michaela responds by running into the bathroom with Laurel. Michaela doesn’t know if she loves Asher because she never learned how to love someone. Luckily for Asher, by the end of the episode, Michaela decides that she does love him and they share adorable smiles before getting back to business.

Connor and Oliver also have some nice moments in this episode. Oliver spent the whole episode defending Connor and then worrying about Connor, so you could practically feel his relief when Annalise brings Connor home, unharmed. The on-again, off-again couple head back to Oliver’s place for some alone time, but Oliver ends up proposing to Connor instead. Like all of the lingering questions in this episode, we will have to wait until season 4 to find out Connor’s answer.

What did you think of the season finale of How to Get Away with Murder season 3? Did you ever suspect Laurel’s father of being the person behind Wes’ death? What do you think Laurel’s connection is to this Dominic person? Were you surprised that Annalise blamed everything on Wes in order to protect herself and the rest of the group? What is Denver’s involvement with Laurel’s father? Does Denver know of his connection to Wes’ murder, or did he just take advantage of the situation to go after Annalise? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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