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Why There’s No Way Frank Killed Wes on ‘How to Get Away with Murder’

Wes’ death on How to Get Away with Murder shocked everyone, but the biggest twist of all is that Annalise is being framed for murdering her favorite student. Did Annalise kill Wes? We all know she didn’t. But the District Attorney’s vendetta against her has them blind to any other evidence to suggest the contrary. That’s why, in the season 3 winter premiere Frank confessed to the murder; there’s no way he murdered Wes.

Here’s the clip of Frank confessing to murdering Wes in the How to Get Away with Murder season 3 winter premiere, “We’re Bad People.”

Why Frank Confessed

Frank has spent all of season three trying to get back into Annalise’s good graces. After being accused of murdering Wes’ father, and it’s still pretty unclear whether he was involved in that or not, Annalise cut him out of their lives. And he’s been trying to claw his way back in the entire time.

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Now that Annalise is facing a damning trial and murder charges, Frank has stepped up to save her, and that’s why he confessed. He wants to save the person that saved him.

It isn’t all for Annalise though; he’s also doing this for Laurel. Whether she loves him or not, Frank loves Laurel, and the way she spoke to him in the hospital proves that she thinks he’s an awful person. What does he have to lose now that he’s already lost Laurel and Annalise?

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It’s clear that Frank’s confession is a ploy to get the DA off of Annalise’s back, and to open up the investigation so they have to start investigating other suspects. There’s absolutely no way Frank killed Wes. That would be too easy.

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