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‘Scandal’ Season 7: 5 Reasons Why Olivia Shouldn’t Be Command

Scandal season 7 has Olivia in a dual role — Mellie’s chief of staff and in charge of B613. But it seems as if all that power is finally taking its toll on her, as her recent order to kill Rashad is now coming back around to bite her with Quinn’s disappearance in episode 6. Perhaps Rowan is right in that Olivia is just not cut out to be Command. Here are five reasons why Rowan is right and Olivia shouldn’t be Command.

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She’s Too Emotional

Despite trying to be hard and unattached, Olivia is just too damn emotional. She has had repeated conversations with Rowan about this character ‘flaw’ she has. And it’s not a flaw, as he always says, it just makes her human and not cut out to be Command.

Being Command means making tough calls and sticking by them. She makes the call to kill Rashad and his niece as a way to get the peace treaty back on track. However, she questions herself to Jake, who assures her that she did the right thing. Rowan has never questioned anything he’s ever done. Not as Command and not now. Jake never questions anything either. He waits for an order and he carries it out.

It’s almost as if Olivia is waiting for approval still, but there’s no one else above her now. Letting her emotions get in the way and worrying about if she’s done the right thing is not the way to lead B613.

Too Many People Know

When Scandal first started, B613 was a secret. Only a few people knew about it. It turns out though, that there are a lot more sleeper agents involved in the organization. When Rowan was in charge, you never really knew who was an agent until it was too late. And while Fitz knew about B613, he let it run behind the scenes, probably in the hope it would just go away.

Throughout the ABC series, more and more incidents were due to B613. And now that Olivia is in charge, it seems like everyone on the show knows about it. In fact, Cyrus even makes a joke about it when Olivia threatens him to vote yes on a war with Bashran. Even Mellie is in on it, trying to run it in her own scandalous way. So far, she has made ‘off the record’ requests to both Olivia and Jake to try and get her way, instead of actually running the country.

She’s Sloppy

Clearly, she’s sloppy. Or at least some agents are sloppy. Since Quinn figured out pretty quickly that B613 is behind Rashad’s death, someone dropped the ball. Whether it was Olivia in her order, Jake in carrying out the request or someone else involved, things are getting pretty messy, pretty quickly with Olivia in charge. And for someone who has done damage control her whole life, she doesn’t really seem well-equipped to run B613 and clean up the messes that go along with it.

She Wants Relationships

Rowan has made it clear that being Command means you can’t have relationships of any kind. While he managed to have a family, his wife ended up being a terrorist and his daughter is following in his footsteps. He ended things with his true love and kept her hidden for so long. He knew that if he stayed with her, it would lead to her death, which it eventually does. He has explained this over and over to Olivia, who never listens.

Her relationship with Fitz has always been on again, off again. And while it’s off again due to her new roles, we all know she wants to be with Fitz in Vermont. Her relationship with Jake was always rocky because of Fitz, and while they had an arrangement in the beginning of season seven, she ended that quickly because she’s his boss now.

Any other romantic relationship she’s had, has ended for various reasons. Even the ones that are strictly physical, including the one with Curtis Pryce. While he doesn’t know about her being Command, he realizes pretty quickly what a terrible person she is, or rather that she’s become.

It’s not just romantic relationships she wants, she wants friendships too. Or rather, she wants to keep her friendships in tact. Those friendships are on the rocks now that she’s Command though. Quinn can’t even look at her after figuring out what she’s done. She hates her so much that she’s ready to out the entire organization to a TV program.

Her panic mode in “Vampires and Bloodsuckers” when Quinn goes missing is way too emotional. You can tell she is worried about her friend, but also worried about what happens when people find out what she’s done. She is in foreign territory between finding her friend and protecting her secret. She just can’t handle both and she’s starting to crack.

Her Assertiveness Comes Off as Bullying

When Rowan gives orders or yells, he’s scary. He’s frightening. He’s a man you do not want to mess with. He’s a man who gets his hands dirty if necessary. When Olivia yells, she comes off as a bully. In episode five this season, Olivia gives an entire speech about how speaking to her is a privilege. It’s not frightening. In fact, those closest to her don’t even take her seriously. Those closest to her want the old Olivia back.

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Who Is Best to Be Command?

Being Command is just not Olivia. Wanting power and control, yes, that’s Olivia. But she should really just stick to running the country with Mellie. Right now, it seems as if she’s bit off way more than she can chew. So who would be better? Jake sure seems suited for the job. Being a part of B613 for so long, he is well equipped to jump into the Command shoes. Since the start of Scandal season 7, he has told Olivia that the agency needs more help, so clearly he knows what’s best and what works.

I’m sure Rowan would be eager to jump back into Command. In fact, I’d probably bet money that he already has a plan in motion to get Olivia out. Why else would be so eager to knock her down? His first attempt failed, but Rowan doesn’t quit.

Or perhaps Fitz could take on the role? I’d say Mellie could do it, but she’s too wishy-washy and quick to pull the trigger on things. Whoever takes over B613 will probably be better equipped than Olivia at this point though.

Do you think Olivia is cut out for Command? Is she just too emotional? Let us know in the comments below.

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