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Is Jake Finally on the Right Side of Things on ABC’s ‘Scandal’?

Jake Ballard’s motives and intentions when it comes to Olivia Pope and his actions have been under question since his connection with President Fitz was revealed in earlier seasons of ABC’s hit series Scandal.

But now that he has revealed even more about himself and the fact that he was the one who blew up the cabin in the season 6 premiere, it looks like Jake is actually in the right and the times he seemed like the bad guy are not as much of a mystery anymore.

Actor Scott Foley hinted that Jake is on track. “I’m always excited when Jake gets an interesting part to play, this time especially. They made it look as if Jake was really the bad guy, sort of creepy, freaking Olivia out,” Foley told TV Line. “Then the fact that he ended up doing what seems to be the right thing — not taking out Jennifer, then returning her to Olivia — I loved it. You think he’s wearing the black hat, but now he’s got the white one on!”

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I have to say I agree that Jake does seem to be a good guy. But only time will tell how long it will last. He’s managed to save Olivia in the past only for it to be revealed that he had teamed up with other people we’ve had to question, or that he was just fulfilling his own desires. I can’t deal with Jake at times, but I definitely took a sigh of relief at the idea that’s he’s not as crazy as he seems.

I also have to point out Jake’s awkward relationship with Rowan. The two have had their differences in the past and so have Olivia and Rowan. So if Jake really thinks Olivia is his soul mate like Foley said, things could get messy. Not to mention Jake is married and even thought about killing his wife, Vanessa (see the crazy clip below.) But Foley seems to have eased my fears when he talked about the triangle between him, Olivia and Rowan.

“He serves three masters,” Foley said of Jake. “There’s Rowan, always in his ear, he’s got Olivia, who he still considers the one for him — I don’t know if Olivia feels that way, but I think he sees a possibility there — and then there’s himself. I think Jake really believes that what he’s doing is for the greater good.”

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I think Jake has the potential to stay on the right track as long as he doesn’t get distracted by someone else’s orders who clearly aren’t for the greater good. Do you think Olivia should give Jake another chance? What do you think of the revelation about Jake blowing up the cabin? Do you think his somewhat moment of redemption will last? Let me know in the comment section below!

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