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Portia de Rossi Explains Why She Left ‘Scandal’

Scandal season 6 opened with the death of the president-elect, but it turns out that was the second most shocking death the season had in store. In “Trojan Horse” another major Scandal character met another brutal demise as Portia de Rossi’s Elizabeth was murdered in front of (now) new President Mellie Grant. In a statement released to TVLine Portia talked about her character’s death and assured fans that the decision to leave Scandal was all her own.

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Elizabeth’s death took almost every Scandal viewer by surprise but it is something that has been in the works for quite a while. Portia asked to be let out of her contract with Scandal at the start of season 6. The show decided the best way to write Elizabeth North out of the show was to kill her.
“I am incredibly grateful for my time here at Scandal,” Portia explained. “I will miss playing Elizabeth North, but I’ve made the decision to focus on a business opportunity. Shonda, Betsy [Beers] and the cast have been incredibly supportive of my decision. I will always love my Scandal family. I’ll be watching!”
While Scandal creator and executive producer Shona Rhimes granted Portia’s request, it wasn’t easy for her to kill off Liz. It was even harder to say goodbye to Portia on the show. In her own statement, Shonda said “I have been a fan of Portia’s for years and it was an honor to have her join our Scandal family. Portia infused Liz North with a smart, powerful and vulnerable soul while also making the humor sing — and that brought all of us in the writers’ room a lot of joy. If I could keep her forever, I would — but kidnapping is illegal. Besides, I am incredibly impressed with the vision she has for her creative future. I wish her all the best.”
Portia has been with Scandal since season 4 and became a series regular in season 5. Elizabeth’s death is probably the most significant death that Scandal has pulled off in quite some time. Although Frankie Vargas’ murder created the messy situation that is currently playing out on the show, actor Ricardo Chavira was a much less frequent presence than Liz was on Scandal.
What do you make of Liz’s murder? Were you shocked? Did it fit the story or was it a step too far? Have too many people been involved in the murder of Frankie Vargas this season? Will you miss Elizabeth North and Portia on the show?

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