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‘Scandal’ Poll: Does Olivia Have the Upper Hand Against Peus?

This mystery group has really rocked Olivia and all of her associates in Scandal season 6. In “Mercy,” despite the cattiness that erupted, it seems that Olivia got the upper hand in getting Mellie, and possibly the Oval, back. But just how long will it be before Peus and his group fight back? And what will be his next move to scare his way back into the White House? With all that the group has done, I think Olivia’s upper hand will be short-lived.

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They Are Stealthy

This new group is stealthy. Clearly, those involved have been planning and manipulating for a very long time. Even before the campaign trail started. Some members planted themselves in key positions ahead of the game, including Ruland dating David Rosen and Meg playing Miss Innocent with Huck. In fact, she was around during Vargas’s campaign trail too, which shows just how much work they’ve put into getting Mellie into office.

And they do their research. The group knows exactly how to manipulate all of the players, by usually threatening the lives of their loved ones, or just plain killing people to get what they want. In addition, the group knows exactly who to pinpoint to get what it wants. For example, it sucked Abby in with the possibility of her own eventual presidential run. It sucked poor Elizabeth in too, even though she had no idea what was going on around her.

They Scare Rowan

This group is much bigger and badder than B613, or at least it seems that way. The group put all this work into setting up a dinosaur lab for Rowan. And now that he’s so afraid of them, he wants to run away to Zanzibar again. They scared him so much that when he tried to prove he’s uncrackable, he was forced to kill the love of his life. Now Rowan is so scared, he refuses to help his daughter who wants to take the group down. But then again, Rowan usually wants nothing to do with Fitz anymore anyway.

No one scares Rowan, so one would have to imagine Olivia would back down too. But she thinks she’s stronger than her father. She’s a warrior, no one takes her on without a fight. And she always wins, or at least that’s what she tells Ruland at the end of “Mercy.”

Something Big Is Coming

Even though Olivia thinks she has the upper hand now, there has to be something big coming with this group and Peus. The head of the group, or at least we think Peus is the head of the group, is bound to come back swinging. He’s laid too much groundwork into getting Mellie into office and controlling her from behind the scenes to let Olivia, or anyone else for that matter, stand in his way. There’s also bound to be more people involved that we don’t know about. Even though Ruland was pissed that Mellie picked Luna Vargas as her VP pick, perhaps the group will get to Luna too. Or maybe they will just kill her like they did her husband.

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But What Do They Really Want?

We all know that B613 is a secret division of the government that controls a lot of people and takes care of things that the general public and country don’t know about. But usually there’s no ulterior motive, or if there is, we know what it is. This group that Peus and Ruland are a part of hasn’t revealed why they want Mellie in office. We have no idea what their end game is or why they want it so bad.

I’m eager to see what else Olivia and her group have to be put through before they either give up and accept defeat, or eventually figure out a way to take this group down. I also have to wonder how many more innocent lives have to be taken before either group gets what they want. Having Ruland behind bars, for now, is definitely a good start, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before she gets out and finds another random object to kill someone with.

What do you think Peus will do to get back in the game? Will someone else important have to die before Olivia backs down? Do you think Olivia, or Rowan, will eventually win against this group? Let us know in the comments below.

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