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‘Scandal’ Poll: Is Abby Really a Traitor?

Abby, Abby, Abby. What is she doing? And what is Scandal doing to us? In “A Traitor Among Us,” it was revealed that Abby is involved with the group going after Eli and Olivia Pope. Or rather, the group that hired Eli to kill President-elect Vargas. So, what’s going on? Is Abby really a traitor? Or is there a method to her madness? What is her end game?

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How Far Will She Climb?

Abby hasn’t been much of an ally to Pope and Associates ever since she took over Cyrus’ job as chief of staff. While every now and then, Olivia will seek help from Abby, our favorite red-head on Scandal has just been climbing the ladder in the White House. But how far up that ladder does Abby want to go? We know she and Fitz have butted heads a lot toward the end of season 5 and in season 6. So does she eventually want to become president?

Abby has always had a thirst for more power. There always seemed to be a power struggle with Olivia at Pope and Associates. Then she got the job as press secretary. But that wasn’t enough for her. She eventually took Cyrus’ job as the president’s right-hand woman. And Fitz does lean on her a lot. But after the few arguments with Fitz in the past, perhaps she’s had enough. Perhaps she is a traitor from within the White House trying to get more power.

How Far Back?

But how would she benefit from meeting and working with this other group? In previews for “A Stomach For Blood,” she is seen meeting with the group and getting an offer that seems too good to pass up. But what exactly is she signing up for? Was she working with them when they came up with a plan to kill Vargas? Does her involvement go back even further? How does she benefit from getting Mellie into the Oval, which is supposedly what this group wants?

She was one of the first people at the hospital Vargas was brought to after the shooting. And she made a point to clear the floor, and took all the presidential protocols. However, maybe that wasn’t what we thought it was. Maybe she was working with these other people all along?

Is She That Evil?

Eli Pope is a pretty evil character. As was Olivia’s mother. Jake and Huck are pretty bad guys too, but are trying to reform themselves. With Abby on the other side, the possibilities are endless. But what will that mean for everyone else? And if she’s working for another group, just how much control does she actually have? If she’s being controlled by money, does that mean she’s giving up the power she always craves?

If she doesn’t have an ulterior motive to working with this group, which I’m hoping she does because I don’t want her to be bad, then she truly is evil and a traitor. Abby definitely has it in her to get what she wants. But maybe what she wants isn’t what it seems. Let’s hash this out. This group wants Mellie in office. They had Vargas killed and framed Cyrus. Jennifer Fields was the person who called in the tip that Cyrus killed Vargas. Jake got orders to kill Jennifer, but he kept her alive. It’s revealed that Tom was paid to say Cyrus killed Vargas, but he didn’t. Then Abby hires someone to kill Jennifer, and maybe Huck. So, again, what is Abby’s end game? Why would she want Jennifer killed? Unless Abby never wants the truth about who actually killed Vargas to come out?

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Either Way

With the way season 6 of Scandal is going, it could go either way if Abby is really a traitor. It would definitely make for good stories moving forward if she turned over to the “dark” side. And I think at this point, if she’s not and there’s something else going on, it had better be good and shocking.

What do you think? Do you think Abby has the potential to be working with this bad group? Do you think she knew about the plot to kill Vargas? Just how deep do you think Abby is with this group? How much of the plan to kill Jennifer (and possibly Huck) was her idea? Do you think Abby could be persuaded to kill for money? Let us know in the comments below.

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