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‘Scandal’ Poll: Is Olivia Pope a Gladiator or a Predator?

Olivia Pope prides herself on being a gladiator. She’s a woman in a man’s world who always manages to get what she wants. And now, on Scandal, she not only has the White House as Mellie’s chief of staff, but she is also in charge of B613, possibly the scariest and most powerful organization in the country. But, I have to be honest, it seems like she bullies her way to the top. She consistently went against the advice of Fitz and her father. And she even advised Fitz to not run B613, but then took it over herself. So is Olivia Pope really a gladiator who knows how to work the system, or just a big bully?

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Gladiators Never Give Up

Gladiators never give up. This is a mantra Olivia has repeatedly drilled into her OPA colleagues. And she always gets results. Even when they are down on their luck, either Quinn, Huck or Abby comes up with a plan to figure out how to solve whatever case they are working on.

Olivia groomed her associates. She recruited Quinn, and now Quinn runs OPA. Huck has been her buddy from the beginning. And Abby was Fitz’s chief of staff. Granted, Abby got greedy in season 6. But Abby has managed to find her way back to OPA. But has Olivia groomed them to make them better people, or just to use them to get what she wants?

That aside, Olivia’s go-get-them attitude has allowed her to remain strong. It allowed her to survive while she was kidnapped. Being a gladiator allows Olivia to earn the respect of those around her.

It’s in Her Blood

Being a predator, as Eli described her, is in her blood. Her father was the head of B613; her mother is a terrorist and trained assassin. It’s only natural that Olivia goes after what she wants and gets it at any cost. For as long as fans have known Olivia Pope, she’s been controlling Fitz. At first, it seemed natural. Olivia loves Fitz, so she pushes him to be the best he can be. But, now, it just seems like she’s bullying him.

In the Scandal season 6 finale, Olivia used her emotions to get under Fitz’s skin, while she planted seeds in his head. She was practically in tears and she told Fitz that his running B613 is a terrible idea. And within 24 hours, she had Mellie set aside secret funds for B613 with Olivia in charge. But even before that, she was demanding he do various things for her, including join her in bed when he was very angry at her letting Maya go.

And let’s not forget when she killed that guy with her bare hands, or rather with a chair. She has never let anyone forget that either, pointing out to Luna Vargas that she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty to get what she wants. Her behavior practically mirrored something Eli or her mother would do. And it seems like she has no regrets about it either.

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A Fine Line

There is a fine line that Olivia manages to run along. However, at this point, her behavior is bordering bullying. When someone says or suggests something she doesn’t like, she finds a person who will do what she wants, in most cases Jake, and she does whatever the hell she wants. And she doesn’t care who she hurts along the way. Granted, most of the time her gut is usually right. But there are certainly better ways to go about getting what she wants without bullying everyone around her, including the man she loves.

For me, I find her behavior lately to be way too pushy. She’s hurting too many people to get what she wants. I’m hoping that now that she has what she wants, she’ll tone it down a bit. But who knows. With her leading B613 — and most of OPA former members of B613 — there’s really no telling what she’ll do with all of that power in season 7.

Do you find Olivia’s behavior on Scandal to be gladiator-like? Or do you think she crosses the line too many times? What do you think will happen now that she’s chief of staff and in charge of B613? Let us know in the comments below.

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