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‘Scandal’ Poll: Is Olivia’s Bullying out of Control?

Ever since Olivia became Command, she’s been bullying everyone around her, including Fitz, her father, Mellie and her new love interest. In “Adventures of Babysitting,” Fitz outs her behavior to Mellie, which throws Olivia into damage control and even more bullying. But is it completely out of control? And is this a good direction to take Scandal in its final season?

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Too Much Power

Olivia Pope has always been manipulative and a bully. It’s how she got things done on Fitz’s campaign, how she got things done at OPA and how she got things done in the White House. But now that she is chief of staff, as well as Command of B613, it seems as if that power has gone to her head.

Olivia is good at what she does. She has always done whatever it takes to do right by her client, whoever that was. And while she didn’t have the power she has now with B613, she always had Huck, Quinn and Charlie, former B613 agents, willing to do whatever she wanted. Now, Olivia controls everything, and it seems as if she’s out of control in season 7.

In “Adventures of Babysitting,” she gives a speech to Rowan about how it’s a privilege to even speak to her, let alone have any freedoms he wants, such as living his life as any citizen would. She basically controls him, and even though he wants to fight back, he doesn’t. He might throw jabs at her, and toss her some nibbles of advice, but he is letting her run the show for now. He seems genuinely worried about her though, as he tried recruiting Fitz to bring Olivia back. Both Rowan and Fitz see how much Olivia has changed, and they are worried.

Just Like Her Father

Olivia is acting just as her father did when he was Command. However, I feel the difference is that Rowan just did things behind the curtain. He was the puppeteer in all of his schemes. I’m curious if Olivia will get there. Olivia talks a big talk. And she has done things that make her perfect for Command: for example, rigging Fitz’s election and killing Luna Vargas. Now, those are two things that Olivia did for very different reasons. The first she did because she loved Fitz and wanted him in office. The second she did to protect Mellie and get her in office. However, ultimately, both of those actions ended up with Olivia in the White House, essentially running the show.

It won’t be long before Olivia is orchestrating hits on people, and controlling even more people to get what she wants and what she thinks America wants.

Who’s In Charge?

Now that Mellie knows Olivia is Command, things could get testy in the Oval. At first, Mellie is horrified about what Olivia has done. She’s worried that anything Olivia does as B613 could get traced back to her, and they will both go down. When Mellie realizes that the man she has feelings for could be killed, she alludes to Olivia that something drastic needs to be done rather quickly to save his life. So, now it seems Mellie likes having Olivia as Command. But who really holds the cards? Mellie and Olivia have butted heads forever, but more so since Mellie has taken office. In the end though, it seems as if Olivia is really the one in charge, and she just likes to let Mellie think she has some power, as Olivia knows that’s how to really get the job done.

I do have to wonder though, who blew up President Rashad’s plane? I imagine if it was B613 and/or Olivia’s plan, things could get really messy before they get better if Mellie finds out. I also have to wonder if Olivia would do something like that. Olivia seems to take death and destruction in stride, which does make her perfect as Command. But Olivia also has feelings. Having feelings and wanting relationships is something Rowan has always told her she can’t have while being Command. Rowan seems to think Olivia won’t be good as Command, while Jake seems to think she’s destined for the role.

I’m curious to know what everyone’s end game is. Why is Rowan taking a backseat to Olivia’s bullying? Why is Jake so hellbent on being Oliva’s second-in-command, when he’s always wanted out of B613? Why does Olivia want to be Command so bad? She already runs the White House, why does she need more?

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Is She Unlikable?

To me, Olivia has become as unlikable character. In beginning of the series, it was fun and cool to want to be Olivia. But now I feel she needs to be knocked down a peg or two. She’s power hungry. She claims she has the country in her best interest, but sometimes it seems she’s just out for herself. I have to wonder if at some point, someone will eventually take her out. That would make for a very Scandal-esque ending to the series. But I’m just speculating.

Do you think that Olivia is out of control? Do you think she needs to scale back her bullying? Why do you think she wants to be Command so bad? Do you think there’s any way Fitz will get the old Olivia Pope back? Do you think Rowan still has some tricks up his sleeve? Do you think Olivia is just like her father? Let us know in the comments below.

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