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‘Scandal’ Recap: Who Has To Die to Scare Mellie Into the White House?

Just when Scandal was getting a little silly in season 6, “Trojan Horse” comes back swinging; literally. Huck’s rescue and the “what if” episodes kind of threw viewers off track, but now we know who wins the White House. But we are also fearing for some of our beloved characters as the mystery group seems to be more in charge and controlling that ever.

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Fighting Back

It’s four days before the Electoral College is set to vote on the next president, Mellie or Cyrus. Olivia sends Jake to see David Rosen, who is fooling around with the enemy, Ms. Ruland. Jake tells David the Cliff Notes of what’s been going on and about his girlfriend, so David promptly exonerates Cyrus, who is released from jail.

Now that he’s out, Olivia tells Mellie everything that’s been going on and wants her to cede the election to Cyrus. Mellie is reluctant at first, but finally agrees to hold a press conference before the vote. However, as she prepares her speech, Mellie gets a visit from Elizabeth North, who convinces Mellie that she shouldn’t concede, but rather fight for her rightful place in the Oval.

Mellie tells Olivia that she’s going to fight, but Olivia warns her that it’s bad idea, and vows to turn Cyrus’s image back around to make him likeable again so he gets elected, despite the fact that he doesn’t want anything to do with her. Both teams fight fire with fire. As Olivia prepares to get Frankie Vargas’s widow on TV to endorse Cyrus, Eli calls her to his office. He gets her into a spot in his office that the cameras can’t see, and he warns her that if Cyrus gets into office, the mystery group will kill her. Olivia doesn’t heed Eli’s warning and has Vargas’s wife go ahead with the interview.

A Lose-Lose

Shortly after the Vargas interview, Cyrus’s estranged husband, Michael, goes on TV. And while he says he doesn’t believe Cyrus killed Vargas, he does say that Cyrus is a bad person. Olivia thinks Mellie called for the interview, but Mellie says it wasn’t her.

Olivia goes to see Fitz to fill him in on what’s going on. He says he wants to tell his FBI director girlfriend, Angela, that Eli is the killer, but Olivia doesn’t want to hear that. Instead, Fitz goes to see Cyrus and convinces him that he needs to come out of hiding and announce that he wants to be president. And that’s what he does, saying that while he doesn’t deserve the White House, he’ll do whatever it takes to honor Vargas’s legacy if he is voted in.

But just when it looks like Cyrus could possibly win, Mellie goes to see Elizabeth in her office. The mystery group, Theo, and Ms. Ruland, are there too. It turns out that Elizabeth has been working with them too. They inform her that the group bought the votes from the electors so Mellie has the Oval. Mellie tells them to undo it, as she wants to win the right way. She demands they fix it, and when Theo tells her that she’s their Trojan Horse, she threatens to reveal who they are and what they did. Theo says that she will be president, but they will be in charge and she’ll fear them. And to prove a point, Ms. Ruland kills Elizabeth by bashing her head in with a golf club. Theo then informs Mellie that Ms. Ruland is her new chief of staff and that if she tries to go to the authorities, they will kill her children.

A New President

After the group leaves, Mellie calls Olivia freaking out. Olivia, despite seeing Elizabeth’s brains on the floor, is still convinced they stand a chance to beat this group and get Cyrus in the Oval, has Jake clean up the mess as she goes to work. Jake tells Mellie that he is her vice president and he will always be there for her.

Meanwhile, Angela tells Fitz that she’s issuing a warrant for Olivia’s arrest, as they found the bank account of Tom’s, which has money from an account in Olivia’s name. If you recall, the mystery group set that up to link Olivia to Vargas’s murder as collateral. Fitz warns Angela it’s a bad idea, and even insinuates that it’s jealousy that’s driving the arrest.

Later, when Olivia tells Fitz what is going on with Mellie and the group, he tells her that Angela is going to arrest her. Olivia thinks this is a great idea, as no one will vote for Mellie if they see that her campaign manager is arrested. However, Fitz doesn’t want to lose her, so he suggests just turning Eli in. She is hell-bent on getting herself arrested, and fears that if Eli is arrested, he’ll be killed. And she basically tells Fitz that she’s going to choose her father over him.

That night, as the Electoral College votes Mellie into the office, Fitz orders Eli taken into custody, and tells Angela that she’s either being transferred or has to resign. When Olivia storms in to see Fitz, he tells her that Eli wasn’t arrested, but rather taken into his custody, as he shows her a feed from the Oval where Eli is safe and sound. This is all Olivia needs to fall back into bed with Fitz, as they wage war on this new group to right the country again.

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Can They Win?

I fear that Pope and Associates, as well as B613, have finally met their match in this mystery group on Scandal. And while I know that Mellie is now in the Oval, I have to wonder what this group has in mind in controlling her. What exactly do they want to do now that they have the Oval? What is in store for the country with them in charge?

Perhaps Eli can come up with a plan to beat this group. Now that the cat is out of the bag, and everyone will be working together, he has the group on his side. This is something that hasn’t happened before, as it’s always been Eli against everything else. It’s certainly an interesting side of him. Eli is never scared of anything, and has no problem killing people. But this group is super scary in their ways. I am eager to find out what Olivia, Eli and friends can come up with, if anything, to bring this group down.

Do you think Olivia can take the group down? What do you think the group wants with Mellie in the office? Do you think anyone else on Scandal will die before this battle ends? Let us know in the comments below.

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