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‘Scandal’ Recap: Olivia Ruins Quinn’s Wedding

The fallout from Rashad and his niece’s death on Scandal is not a good one. In “Vampires and Bloodsuckers,” Mellie wants to see revenge on Bashran for their deaths, or rather Rashad’s death. Meanwhile, Quinn goes missing on her wedding day after she begins an investigation into their deaths.

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Who Killed Rashad?

Jake has a meeting with Olivia and tells her it’s done. He tells her that both Rashad and his niece are dead. She questions her order, but he tells her it is the right decision to keep the peace treaty. He tells her it was the gutsy call to make – Rashad’s life for nuclear disarmament.

Seeking Revenge

Olivia lets Mellie know about the bombing of Rashad’s plane. She immediately wants to take action to avenge his death, thinking it’s the Bashrani rebels. Olivia, of course, advises against it, and instead prepares remarks for Mellie to say as Rashad and his niece’s bodies are sent back to their country. Olivia also informs Mellie she won’t be by her side, as she has Quinn’s wedding to attend the next day.

After the ceremony at Andrews Air Force Base, Mellie meets with the Bashran ambassador. He tells her that the new regime will honor the treaty that Rashad had laid out. Mellie tells him to deliver a message to the rebels that they should run and hide, as the U.S. is going to drop American bombs on their heads to make them pay for what they’ve done.

When Mellie calls Olivia for advice, Olivia says she’s busy, but warns Mellie that they can’t take action against the rebels until they know who’s behind the bombing. Then Mellie summons Jake. She asks him, off the record, to get B613 to remove the leaders of the Bashran coup. He says he can’t take the order because he doesn’t work for her at his “other job.” Lastly, Mellie seeks out Marcus’ advice. He tells her that she needs to move on and get the treaty signed, adding that one life might have been lost, but she’ll be saving so many more lives.

Mellie calls another meeting with the Bashran ambassador. He says he hasn’t delivered her message yet. She says she has another one for him. The message is the new regime has a deal. She adds that there will be no negotiations, and that she’ll set the terms and they will sign it.

Confronting Olivia

While Mellie deals with Bashran, Olivia is dealing with her own mess. The night before Quinn’s wedding, Quinn calls a meeting with Olivia at a memorial. It’s there that Quinn reveals she knows Olivia is behind the bombing. She’s disgusted with Olivia, adding that while Olivia’s OPA wasn’t about justice, her QPA will be. She tells Olivia she as a witness who saw who planted the bomb.

Olivia warns Quinn she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. But Olivia is visibly worried and upset. Ultimately, she does what she does best, and she basically threatens Quinn, Charlie and their unborn child. The next day, when she tells Jake, Olivia assures him, and herself, that Quinn will do the right thing and keep her mouth shut.

Quinn Goes Missing

Unfortunately, things don’t go that smoothly, as Quinn is late to her own wedding. Abby heads to her apartment and finds her engagement ring. Abby thinks she got cold feet, but Charlie doesn’t think that’s the case and he’s sure she’ll show up. Huck also doesn’t believe this, so he heads to her apartment and does some digging. He finds a file on her laptop with her investigation into the bombing. He fears she’s been taken because of her investigation.

Everyone goes into gladiator mode, and Olivia panics. She disguises her panic with worry about Quinn’s safety. She gets Jake to start his own investigation into Quinn’s disappearance. He seems to think she’s fine, and it’s just a ruse to buy herself some time.

While everyone starts a timeline of Quinn’s last 24 hours, Curtis shows up. He tells Huck that Quinn left him a message. Olivia demands to know what the message said. At first, he doesn’t want to tell her, as he’s still disgusted with her. But when she tells him Quinn is missing, he reveals that Quinn called him to say she had information on the bombing and who’s behind it. Olivia begs him not to investigate any further, but he says any probing he does could help find Quinn.

A Diversion

Jake finds out that Quinn got information from a Sgt. Ladd, from the Air Force, who was on the tarmac at the time of the bombing. Jake kills Ladd, and then tells Olivia to divert the investigation into Fenton Glackland, Cyrus’ new boyfriend. She doesn’t think it will work, but it’s worth a shot, so she brings the information to the group.

Abby goes to see Cyrus on official business to track down Glackland, not realizing that he’s dating him. At first, Cyrus says it’s absurd that he’s behind Rashad’s death. However, his mind starts to wander, and he goes to the group to say he could be behind it. They try and track down Glackland with no luck, because Charlie has already gotten to him first. And, of course, Charlie is in B613 mode to get information about Quinn’s whereabouts.

In the meantime, Huck hacks Curtis’ phone to listen to the message Quinn left him. On the message, she tells Curtis that she met with Rashad’s killer at the memorial and she has video proof. Cyrus breathes a sigh of relief as Glackland was with him at the time of the meeting, and Olivia panics even more. She tells Jake to find that footage and destroy it.

Huck gets to Charlie before he does anything drastic to Glackland. And David tracks down surveillance from the memorial. However, the video goes black just as Olivia shows up for her meeting with Quinn. How convenient.

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Where Is Quinn?

Back at square one, Charlie flips out and starts throwing stuff around the office. Everyone assures him Quinn will be found, but no one is sure of that themselves. Abby seeks comfort in David, while Cyrus comforts Glackland.

Back at the Oval, Olivia pours herself a drink in her secret B613 office. Jake brings up surveillance footage from QPA. She tells him they already took a look at it and came up with nothing. But he had the NSA go over it again. He found that someone taped over the original footage and was able to get a second of it. In the original footage, Quinn is seen in a wedding gown in the QPA elevator, which means that she was, in fact, taken.

Things are not looking good for Quinn. While it was very obvious that Olivia was behind Rashad’s death, it’s clear that she’s not behind Quinn’s disappearance. She knows deep down that Quinn will keep her secrets safe. However, I’m not so sure that Quinn will in fact keep those secrets safe, seeing as how she was ready to out her to Curtis and essentially the country.

And what happens when Mellie finds out what Olivia has done? She’s already frustrated with Olivia’s extra-curricular activities, as she’s realizes that although she’s president, she can’t really make the big decisions. That’s apparently Olivia’s job. And yes, the power struggle between the women has been going back and forth, Olivia has made it her job to make it seem like Mellie’s in charge, when she’s not. So, I think Mellie is wising up to that fact.

I’m curious if Rowan has anything to do with Quinn’s disappearance. Perhaps he took her to prove to Olivia that she’s in over her head in being Command and he still has to clean up her messes.

Lots of things are at play this final season of Scandal, and though Olivia thought everything would be great being Command, it’s clear she’s not really cut out for the job and the consequences that come with it.

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