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[VIDEO] ‘Scandal’ Sneak Peek: Abby Gets an Offer She May Not Be Able to Refuse

Abby really hasn’t been as involved with Pope and Associates since she took a job as the White House Press Secretary on ABC’s Scandal. But now, a new teaser reveals that she might be going even further away after she’s given an offer that’s described as “one she can’t refuse.”

Unfortunately, it’s from the wrong side as the man and woman hunting Olivia Pope and Papa Pope are the ones who make the offer.

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In the sneak peek for the episode called “A Stomach For Blood,” Abby sits down with a man and a woman who are posing as potential donors for President Grant’s library. But she’s completely taken aback after she asks what number they had in mind when it comes to the donation. Abby is speechless when the amount is $250 million. Seeing her awe at the high price tag, the number is upped to $3 million and could seal the deal.

Abby tries to clarify that they want to spend $300 million for the Presidential library. They make it clear that they don’t, which leaves her even more confused.

Abby is told, “It’s not [President Grant’s] team we’re interested in being a part of. It’s yours.”

Abby is obviously uncomfortable and still doesn’t know what to say.

Watch the Scandal clip below:

The shocking offer comes after the previous episode ended with Huck’s girlfriend shooting him. It was also revealed that Abby was behind the shooting and the death of Jennifer Fields, who was probably the only one alive who could (and wanted to) prove that she was told to blame Cyrus for President Vargas’s murder.

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What do you think about Huck getting shot? Do you think Abby has gone too far to the left? Do you think she’ll give in to their offer?

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