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‘Scandal’ Star Darby Stanchfield on Whether Abby Is Really a Traitor

Abby might have been cleared of being the mastermind of Frank Vargas’ assassination but she’s far from out of the woods yet on Scandal. While she is not quite the villain that Scandal fans assumed she was, “A Stomach for Blood” revealed that Abby has some dark connections. Darby Stanchfield, who plays Abby, sat down with TVLine to discuss the latest Scandal twist and if Abby is truly a traitor or someone who is in over her head.

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The simple view is that Darby believes that Abby is being manipulated and is not really in control of much of her actions. “I was relieved in that it makes sense for the character and the arc,” Stanchfield explained of the reveals of “A Stomach for Blood.”

“For me, it’s more plausible than if we find out five-and-a-half seasons in that she’s been the axis of evil this whole time,” she continued. “It also makes sense how [Marjorie Ruland] and [Mr. Payas] manipulate everybody. They get under everybody’s skin.”
This doesn’t mean that Stanchfield doesn’t think her character has crossed a line. In her mind Abby didn’t realize how powerful she was until Fitz told her and she didn’t understand that she didn’t need to make this deal. “Fitz tells her, ‘You have every option in the world after I’m done with my presidency,’ but she doesn’t trust that,” Stanchefield said. “She doesn’t trust herself. Or maybe she’s just seduced by that large, shiny object that says, ‘You can have instant power! Here’s $300 million!'”
The actress isn’t sure if Abby is ready to make a bid for the presidency with that power. “I wrestle with that, and I love that Abby wrestles with it,” she explained. “There’s nothing easy about where Abby’s at in this place. She makes a lot of difficult decisions, and not in her traditional moral compass kind of way. It’s also the first time we’re seeing blood on Abby’s hands. Ever.”
Darby went on to explain that fans will find out very soon about Huck’s fate but he is in “trouble” and “a mess.” In the meantime Abby will continue to try free Cyrus from prison. “The storyline with Cyrus isn’t over by a long shot. It’s all she has left, really. I mean, she literally had someone killed to get Cyrus out,” Stanchfield said. “It’s such a dark, twisted [relationship], but there’s also a subtle mentor/mentee vibe. They have each other’s back in a weird way.”
So what do you think? Is Abby a victim or is this all her fault? Is she a traitor or just being used? What do you think will happen with her character? Should Abby try to become president?

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