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9 Times a Relationship Proved to Be Unbreakable on ‘The 100’

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#4. Clarke and Bellamy

Both Bellamy and Clarke have had to make some of the hardest decisions throughout the series. They both took on leadership positions, with vastly different opinions and expectations. It was never going to be an easy ride, but they eventually developed a mutual respect and then friendship.

That friendship has always been tested, whether it’s been Bellamy’s decision to side with Pike or Clarke’s decision to avoid him and the whole of Arkadia. However, they have always listened to each other and given one another the benefit of the doubt. They lean on each other for support when necessary and trust each other to make the best decisions for their people.

#3. Murphy and Emori

Emori originally came across as a selfish outcast only out for herself. Considering her situation that really isn’t that surprising. However, it tested the potential relationship between Emori and Murphy in the end. That was especially the case when Emori chose to take the key to the City of Light.

In the end, Emori started to help because of her friendship and later love for Murphy. When Emori was in danger, Murphy protected her as much as he could. They developed a trust for one another, which is going to be difficult to break in the future after everything they’ve already gone through.

#2. Clarke and Abby

A mother and daughter relationship should be unconditional, but The 100 started with the two against each other. Flashbacks showed us that Abby was the reason Clarke had been thrown in prison and then sent to Earth in the first place. They were always working from this rocky patch.

There was hope when Abby came to Earth, but things didn’t quite work out. They found themselves locking horns on multiple occasions, as they tried to do the best for each other. However, that love for each other remained. Whenever one was in danger, the other would consider dropping everything to save them. Nothing will ever change that they are related by blood, proving that unconditional love remains through thick and thin.

#1. Jasper and Monty

Jasper and Monty were best friends from a young age. Watching the two separate and struggle to understand each other during The 100 Seasons 3 and 4 was difficult. Jasper’s cries for help were ignored or unacknowledged, as Monty tried to save their people. However, in the end their relationship mended.

When Jasper decided he was going to watch the radiation sweep the Earth, Monty put on a hazmat suit and stuck with him. While there was anger when Jasper killed himself, Monty found the ability to forgive Jasper and tell Jasper that he loved him. It was a tearful goodbye, showing that their friendship may have been through a difficult patch but it was always unbreakable.

Do you agree with this list? Which other relationships on The 100 have proven to be unbreakable? Share yours in the comments below.

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