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‘The 100’ Season 5: First Glimpse of Clarke and Bellamy’s Midseason Looks [PHOTOS]

Six years have come and gone for the characters of The 100, and the makeup and wardrobe department won’t let you forget it. Photos of the season 5 cast have appeared on Twitter ever since filming began in August, but new snaps give us a definitive look at what your favs will look like come midseason.

Reporters visited The 100 set in Vancouver, giving fans a glimpse at what will change and what will stay the same when the series returns this winter. Clarke (Eliza Taylor), who debuted a shorter ‘do in the final moments of “Praimfaya,” will continue to rock her clipped locks despite an earlier photo of her with her regular cut (second photo.)

Here’s @MisElizaJane on #The100 set rocking a kicky new ‘do pic.twitter.com/gFnhbEwcLo

— Sydney Bucksbaum (@SydneyBucksbaum) November 9, 2017

Back in the good ol’ stompin grounds… @MisElizaJane and her lovely stunt double Heidi. #the100pic.twitter.com/rTGpvDHpOS

— The 100 Writers Room (@The100writers) August 17, 2017

Will the premiere hit us with a flashback? With six years worth of backstory to tell, we certainly hope so.
Bellamy (Bob Morley), meanwhile, looks like a young Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) come back to life. Always the oldest of the OG delinquents, Morley’s character will use a little facial hair to set himself apart from his younger cohorts.

And here’s @WildpipM with some new Bellamy facial hair 😱 #The100pic.twitter.com/2HQRRTglt4

— Sydney Bucksbaum (@SydneyBucksbaum) November 9, 2017

As for the rest of the cast? They look as badass as ever. Don’t worry about Murphy (Richard Harmon), he’s just dressed up as Niylah (Jessica Harmon), who also happens to be his real-life sister.

.@AdinaPorter@iamAvgeropoulos on #The100 set. Fierce as ever! pic.twitter.com/enszOIOlNL

— Inside The 100 (@InsideThe100) November 9, 2017

#The100‘s @RichardSHarmon came in on his day off (as @harmon_jess no less!) for today’s interview. #werkpic.twitter.com/NCiYUB84me

— Sydney Bucksbaum (@SydneyBucksbaum) November 9, 2017

“The actors are now going to get to play their actual ages which is going to be fun for some of them. Time jumps are tricky,” series creator Jason Rothenberg told IGN. “They’ve been apart now way longer than they were on the ground. You see how much change there has been in so many of these characters, from the pilot to where we are now. Imagine five times that in the various worlds they are siloed in — Underground, on the ring, and Clarke alone with Madi on the ground. You can expect real changes.”
Are you ready to see how The 100 cast weathers these changes? Do you think appearances should have changed even more during the time jump? Hit up the comments section!
For all things post-apocalyptic, check out the BuddyTV’s The 100 Facebook page. Reunite with the Grounders, Arkers and their new Eligius foes when The 100 returns to The CW at midseason.
(Images courtesy of The CW and Twitter / Sydney Bucksbaum, The 100 Writers Room, Inside The 100)

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