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‘The 100’ Interview: Henry Ian Cusick on Consequences of Clarke’s Decision

In a rare occurrence something positive happened on The 100, Octavia won the conclave and she declared that the bunker would be shared by all the clans because they are one clan.

Unfortunately, the moment of relief was short-lived when it was revealed that Clarke and Jaha stole the First Commander’s Tomb for their own people, Skaikru, leaving Octavia and Kane outside to face Praimfaya with the rest of the clans.

BuddyTV spoke with Henry Ian Cusick about the experience of directing “The Other Side,” the consequences of Skaikru’s actions, the conflict between Bellamy and Clarke, and more!

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What was the experience of directing TV for the first time?

My TV directorial debut I was very, very lucky that I got to work with on this show with a such a great cast and crew. It’s such a great script written by Julie and Shawna Benson, who did such a beautiful job with the script.

It’s just great to have a wonderful script with a wonderful cast that I know and I’ve worked with for the last four years, wonderful crew and DP [Director of Photography] and being supported by [Executive Producer] Jason [Rothenberg] and [Director] Dean [White]. Having an opportunity like this for my first time, it was almost perfect.

I’ve done a short film before and that was all at my expense, but this had all the resources of all these fabulous people around me. It was just phenomenal. The support was incredible. My first time, I have to say this is a good way to go, I think. So, I was very happy.

Kane and Octavia are stuck outside the locked bunker, what does Kane think about Skaikru stealing the First Commander’s Tomb?

His initial thing is he can’t believe that they locked it, especially with Octavia in the conclave. She’s a hero, she’s won the conclave. He’s as shocked as anyone else and he cannot believe they are doing it, but then he quickly understands what’s going on, understands their motives and reasons, and possibly even can forgive.

He understands and empathizes with why they’ve done it. And then he goes upstairs and he’s calming the clans down because they don’t know what’s going on yet. I was directing the episode, so I’m not in it very much. So, if you ask, “What’s Kane doing?” He’s upstairs calming the other clans down from wanting to kill Octavia for the actions of her people.

Does he also have to calm Octavia down?

Octavia is– there’s very little we can do, you know? Praimfaya is coming and they’ve locked up the bunker. We can only hope, pray that the people inside the bunker will figure out that Octavia won the conclave. And Bellamy or Abby– Bellamy hopefully will try and open the door. Or, can they? We don’t have any idea what’s going on downstairs.

The episode is really called, “The Other Side,” what’s happening downstairs. It’s Bellamy and how he’s dealing with Jaha and Clarke, their decisions and the consequences of their decisions and how it affects everyone downstairs and everyone upstairs as well. That’s where the drama is– Jaha and Clarke, Bellamy and Abby, and figuring out what’s going on.

Bellamy and Clarke are facing off in the trailer and it gets pretty intense. What is that conflict and how did you decide to direct it?

… It is pretty intense. My episode, 411, the majority of it is set in the bunker and it’s claustrophobic and intense. It’s one of the peaks of the scene is when you see Clarke holding the gun on Bellamy. We do back to Arkadia and pop in on Monty and Jasper and see what’s happening there as well. It’s very contained unlike last week’s episode, which was action-packed done by Dean White. Mine is much more self-contained.

We haven’t gotten to see Abby and Kane together much lately. Does the fact that Abby’s in the bunker and Kane’s outside play into Abby or Kane are feeling?

Yes, I think you’ll see how Abby deals with Clarke and Jaha’s– with what they’ve done. You’ll see Abby’s response to that. Of course, Abby cares deeply about Kane, but she loves her daughter. Who do you save? The door’s shut. I can save the people in my family, the Arkadians, they are all here and they are all safe, we’ve got the bunker and there’s Kane outside. What price do you– it’s a good question– would you give up the guy that you love for everyone in Arkadia and your daughter or not? Or do you do the right thing?

On what’s right and Jaha’s leadership

There’s so many things going on really in the episode about what’s right– the consequences of your actions. And that’s what the show’s about. Hopefully, the audience can understand and say, “I get it. What would I do? Would I behave like Jaha?”

Jaha’s a fascinating character. He has always been saving his people. That’s his first and foremost thought. He’s always done what he’s thought was the right thing. If the people in the bunker do survive this, Jaha will go down as the greatest hero ever.

That’s one of the things that’s been interesting. This season, Clarke has been more about saving all the people versus saving her people. Do you delve into this at all in the episode about what made her change her mind?

If you look at the last episode, who was the best warrior? Luna. What did Luna want? Luna wanted the destruction of all the people. So, there in lies your answer. I guess basically, Clarke thought Luna would win and she’d wipe us all out. At least if she can’t save everyone, she can at least save the Arkadians. I imagine that’s her thinking. I could be wrong.

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