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‘The 100’ Postmortem Interview: Marie Avgeropoulos on the Deadly Conclave, Betrayal and More!

The conclave is over and Octavia fans can breath a sigh of relief. She came out of the conclave the victor, but the others in the battle weren’t as lucky. It was devastating to see Roan, Luna and Ilian die.

BuddyTV talked with Marie Avgeropoulos about Ilian’s death, taking Bellamy’s advice, the decision to share the bunker, Skaikru’s betrayal, and what’s next after the conclave. Read on for edited excerpts from the conversation.

The 100 Interview: Marie Avgeropoulos Teases Octavia’s Conclave Fight to the Death>>>

On getting support from Ilian and his death

Avgeropoulos: I think without even realizing it, she was getting support from Ilian, Chai’s [Hansen] character because he sort of has these peaceful philosophies, even though she was sort of putting those on the back burner.

When Ilian’s character gets murdered from Echo –who was in fact cheating in the conclave, she wasn’t participating– when he asks her to take his life, he recites back the same prayer that they did at the beginning of another journey. I think she did take a lot from him spiritually, she was just resisting it due to the dark path that she’s been on this season.

On taking Bellamy’s advice

… Bellamy reminds her that she can use her skill set that she learned as a child, not necessarily hiding, but being the girl under the floor was strategic. She could use that again along with her warrior skills that she did learn from Indra. That’s how she could defeat the conclave.

She just needs to kill the last person, she doesn’t have to go through and slay through all the participants. That’s exactly what she did. She used her skills and she used her brain to win a game of chess, sorta, just with a sword. [laughs]

On sharing the bunker and Skaikru’s betrayal

She took those words that Indra said, “Who you fight for is up to you.” And, you see the selflessness of her in the end that really motivated her to share the bunker. When she finds out the bunker was stolen and she did all that for nothing, it’s incredibly frustrating and heartbreaking for her because her own people didn’t even believe in her– that she could pull this thing off.

Does she believe they took the bunker because they didn’t think she would survive versus that they were undermining the entire conclave to protect their people?

Yeah, I think it was pretty obvious that Clarke didn’t believe she could do it, especially when she went to talk to Roan to make sure that Luna didn’t win and all that stuff. We learn that Bellamy was gassed because he wouldn’t be all for because we do learn he is supportive of Octavia and tried to tell her a strategy to be champion of the conclave.

A lot of other people in Skaikru didn’t support her or believe in her and her skill set, and they stole the bunker. That leaves us potentially in the way of Praimfaya because the clock is ticking. And, that is the ultimate enemy that is headed for everybody.

Does that make her question her support of Skaikru?

Yeah, definitely. She’s never really supported Skaikru. From the beginning, she’s never really fit in anywhere and nobody’s ever really believed in her, so it goes to show you how often people undermined Octavia even though she has pulled her weight, showed that she does matter, that she is an asset to the group, but a lot of other members of Skaikru have always had their own agenda and their own beliefs and thoughts. It’s always a power struggle within the groups.

During the conclave, was there a death that you personally found to be the best?

The best death in that episode was Ilian’s death, especially because of the way we shot it. It was like a three-on-one fight and then [Ilian] comes flying over the … . It was an exhausting fight and we just had to go right into the fact that Echo was cheating and he gets the arrow to the throat and then Octavia has to take his life and she recites the prayer back to him.

It was very heartbreaking and emotional. It was really sad for me as an actress to do that scene. And I think that scene will really touch the audience as well. They did have a very complicated relationship, but it was also a beautiful one as well. She taught him a lot of things and I was sad to see him go.

On what’s next

I’m not sure what’s going to happen in Season 5 for Octavia. Our next challenge is to get that bunker door open because otherwise no one is going to live. Praimfaya is coming right around the corner. The second coming of the apocalypse. So, that’s their next focus on how to contact the group, what the betrayal was all about, who was responsible and how to get that bunker door open.

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