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‘The 100’ Season 5 Spoilers: New Series Regular, Flashbacks and Octavia’s ‘Way to Reprimand’

The 100 panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 started a little later than expected, but the questions line was long from the beginning. Fans are curious about the future for the show, especially how Clarke’s character will change with the maternal element brought in at the very end of Season 4.

The panel opened with a sizzle reel (not available at the time of publication) that opened with Madi telling the story of the “101” (when Bellamy is included), and the monsters and “bad children.” There are no good guys, and the 100 certainly aren’t children anymore. But if the monsters come back, Clarke says that she and Madi will kill them all.

The hero that rises from the ashes is Octavia, making it clear that she is definitely coming back in Season 5. The big question now is why Octavia and her Grounders haven’t made it out of their bunker yet.

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The biggest questions have been about the prisoner ship, Madi, and the six-year time jump. One thing for sure is the prison ship is from Earth but before the first apocalypse. The prisoners have been in hyper-sleep for 100 years and are on a planet that isn’t going to be big enough for everyone.

Madi is definitely not Clarke’s biological daughter and we will get to find out about her life with Clarke over the last six years. However, Octavia does have a “special way to reprimand” the Grounders in the bunker to keep them from falling out of line. There will be a chance to show Octavia keeping the peace.

Lindsay Morgan shares that Raven felt responsible for thegroup getting stuck on the ground at one point and pushed to get them into space. She has taken steps to make sure they all survive. The one thing that will come in The 100 Season 5 is seeing how the characters have changed, especially Raven and Murphy as they now become more integral parts of the show. After all, a lot can change in six years.

The six year time jump is going to open up lots of possibilities. One thing that is for certain is that there will be no babies from the ship! While there will be characters breaking up and getting together, the only “baby” is going to be Madi.

Tasya Teles joined the panel 20 minutes in, confirming Echo is a series regular. She shared that her situation joining Skaikru was questionable. Others aren’t going to just accept her on the ship, but Teles has thought about friendships and bonds. Out of all the characters, she thinks Echo and Raven will have the best relationship.

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There will be flashbacks to show just what everyone has been up to throughout the last six years. It’s not going to be the most exciting on the ship at first, and there were jokes about twiddling thumbs.

The cast discussed how Clarke and Bellamy made some hard and poor decisions in Season 4, especially towards the end. The actors worried about keeping the characters likable, and they hope that the fans view the characters from their side and not just the outside: the two acted believing they’re doing the right thing.

Clarke’s journey for last season was to save as many people as possible. When she betrayed Octavia it was to save the people around her, who just happened to be Skaikru. This was nothing like Jaha’s decisions of only ever putting Skaikru first.

Will there be any major changes for the upcoming season? Jason Rothenberg noted that previous seasons have been difficult for changes. The season premieres would pick up from where the season finale before left. This season will see the six-year time jump and Rothenberg is open to the cast making changes to their hair.

Some fun facts from the panel:

  • The cast do 80-90% of their own stunts.
  • Murphy and Monty never had a scene together until Season 4, except a small part in Season 1, Episode 3!
  • Richard Harmon would like Bellamy to kill Murphy if Murphyhad to die.
  • Maria Avgeropoulos used to work at McDonalds.
  • There will be connections to the pilot but with role reversal in Season 5.

Are you excited for the new season of The 100? What are you most looking forward to? Share in the comments below.

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