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Why We Want to See More of Octavia as a Leader on ‘The 100’

It has been a long time coming on The 100. Octavia finally stepped up to the challenge as a leader, proving to herself that she is worthy and making it clear to Clarke, Jaha and others that they have a new force to reckon with.

Now that we’ve seen it once, we need to see it more. Octavia is no longer the little girl under the floor, as Bellamy pointed out in The 100 season 4 finale. Why is this so important for her character? Here are three reasons we want more of Octavia as a leader on The 100.

The Character Development Needs to Continue

Octavia started as the “girl under the floor.” She was the only character to have a sibling, due to the one-child policy on the Ark. Her only crime was being born, which wasn’t really her fault. That life under the floor could have created a meek and mild woman, but she quickly found her voice after being sent to Earth in The 100 season 1 premiere.

Over the years, she has shown her strength and resilience. She adapted to life on Earth quickly, working (and falling in love) with Lincoln. Octavia has always been open to learning new things and bettering herself. The character development has constantly worked toward Octavia becoming a leader of her people.

She Has People to Look out For

Throughout the years, Octavia has never really felt like she belonged. She wasn’t really a member of Skaikru, but she wasn’t a Grounder either. As her own person, she constantly found herself in the middle, struggling with the decisions of others.

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The 100 season 4 finally gave her people of her own — Wonkru. It’s a brilliant name for the amalgamation of Grounders and Skaikru, and perfectly describes the feelings of all.

Indra knows that the Grounders need to follow someone. They don’t even know when to eat or where to sleep without some support! Octavia is a natural leader, who is able to help the misfit Grounders develop some type of team and family during the five years in the Second Dawn bunker.

She Gave the Human Race New Hope

While Octavia worried she wouldn’t be as good a leader as Clarke or Bellamy, there was one thing she underestimated about herself. Becoming the warrior that she is gave the human race new hope. That battle (which was so much like a version of The Hunger Games) wasn’t just a fight for her survival. It was a fight for the survival of the whole human race. Octavia knew she didn’t just want Skaikru to survive, but as many Grounders as possible.

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That is the making of a true leader. Good leaders don’t just think about their own friends, but the good of the many. Despite killing Pike out of revenge in The 100 season 3, Octavia has recently mostly made choices that put the human race as a whole first. In a world where everyone tends to think about themselves and their own people, we need a leader like her.

What do you think? Is Octavia up to the challenge of being a leader in season 5? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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