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12 School Lunch Ideas Inspired by Family Movies

It’s time once again to send the kids back to school, and one key question on the minds of many parents is: Will they actually eat their school lunches? To help boost the odds, check out these 12 super-cute totable mini-meals iinspired by some of our fave family films.

If some of these recipes seem too time-consuming, try adding just one little element to you child’s lunch. You may be amazed at the results.

1. This Zootopia-inspired meal from Lunchbox Dad has it all — veggies, berries, even edible modeling dough!

2. If you don’t have time to create a complicated lunch, you can still inject a bit of cinematic wonder with this cheesy snack from Cute Foods For Kids.

3. This Shifu boxed lunch from Happy Little Bento is sure to be a hit with Kung Fu Panda fans.

4. Minions, Inside out and Jurassic World are all featured in this fun movie-themed meal.

5. This fun treat from Lunchbox Dad definitely will add a little Joy to their day.

6. The Force is strong with this lunch from Sippy Cup Dad.

7. Pack this snack as part of a Kubo-inspired lunch.

8. Shaun the Sheep is the theme of this healthy and adorable lunch.

9. Foodtastic Mom created this surprisingly simple lunchtime ode to the minions.

10. This BFG-themed lunch from Biting the Hand that Feeds You even includes Frobscottle.

11. For a super-powered lunch, try this spread inspired by The Avengers.

12. Do some magic with sticky rice and create this Alice in Wonderland inspired meal from Wokking It.

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