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Alan Tudyk Says ‘Rogue One’ Characters Could Appear in Other ‘Star Wars’ Movies

As Rogue One: A Star Wars Story nears its December 16 release date, one of the biggest questions fans have with regards to the film and its place within the Star Wars mythology is, well, where did all the Rogue One characters go after they stole those Death Star plans?

Based on all the other Star Wars films that exist — including the film that immediately follows Rogue One chronologically, A New Hope — only a tiny fraction of the characters featured in Rogue One appear in future installments. Characters like Darth Vader and Mon Mothma show up in the subsequent film, but no one else does. So what gives? Is Rogue One going to end with an explanation as to why we don’t see Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor, K-2SO and the others pop up in future films?

When Fandango sat down with Alan Tudyk, who plays new droid K-2SO in Rogue One, we asked whether he feels the film needs to explain why all of these characters are absent from the other Star Wars movies.

“I think it would be nice…,” Tudyk said with a smirk. “The way that they remedy that is just to have us appear later on. They now have free reign of the timeline, so they’re going back to Han Solo’s origins — why aren’t we there?”

While Tudyk may be playing coy so as to not reveal the fate of the central Rogue One characters, he does hope that his character is given a shot to appear elsewhere in the Star Wars universe, though he denies having a role in the Han Solo film.

“It does beg the question,” Tudyk said. “There’s a droid, K-2SO, who doesn’t appear in any of the other movies, and he’s got such a cool droid style. I hope they start to put them in other movies.”

When asked if he would do another Star Wars movie, Tudyk emphatically replied, “Hell yes!” So where on the timeline would he like to drop in?

“The next one. Where are we at… eight? Episode eight? Well they already shot it, so nine. Put me in [Episode] nine!”

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits theaters on December 16.

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