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Bill Paxton Gets Intense in ‘Mean Dreams’ Trailer

Last year Kevin Bacon starred in the thriller Cop Car about a police officer whose rather loose relationship with the law gets accidentally exposed by two kids who steal his car. And because all good things come in pairs, now we’ve got another thriller featuring a ’90s leading man playing a corrupt cop up against some daring youngsters. It’s called Mean Dreams and the man in question is the great Bill Paxton.

Where Cop Car was rather sparse with its plot, Mean Dreams seems to thrive on it. The general gist here is that age-old story of boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl. Boy then meets girl’s dad, girl’s dad is a psychotic cop with bodies and secrets to hide.

It’s a moody, dreary trailer but Paxton seems to shine with the darker material. Check it out.

Mean Dreams does not currently have a release date, but was picked up at the Toronto International Film Festival, so hopefully we’ll have more info soon.

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