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Deepak Chopra Picks 5 Movies to Center Yourself

As an expert on guided meditation and the best-selling author of more than 80 books, including his latest, Radical Beauty: How to Transform Yourself from the Inside Out, Deepak Chopra knows the best ways to reduce stress and find inner peace. It’s not just about sitting quietly with your eyes closed. Watching movies can also help you to center yourself.

“They transport you to a different world,” Chopra says in the “I Love Movies” video below, which he recorded during a recent book tour. “If a movie’s really good, then you forget you’re in a theater watching a screen. You’re in it.” He also reveals his favorite movie is Frank Capra’s Lost Horizon from 1937. “It influenced what I do now. It influenced my entire career,” he says. “It gave me a glimpse into the timeless mind.”

In addition to discussing his very favorite movie above, Chopra has also shared with us a list of the most calm-inducing films — his top-five picks to help us make a fresh start for the fall, ahead of the busy holiday season — all available on FandangoNOW. Of course, Lost Horizon is number one, followed by a handful of more recent titles from the past few decades that will help you find your Zen.

See them ranked below, and find yourself some “me time” to check them out over on FandangoNOW.

1. Lost Horizon (1937)

2. Life of Pi

3. Hearts in Atlantis

4. A River Runs Through It

5. A Little Princess (1995)

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