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DIY: Celebrate ‘Sing’ with This Sparkling Sign

Create your own show-stopping sign in honor of Sing with this easy and fun-to-do craft. While you might not want to do the title of the movie, you can be inspired by the season. The words joy, happy, noel or even your child’s name will bring some festive and timely flair to your decor!

You’ll need:

Cardboard letters (found at craft stores)

Yellow and red paint

2 foam paintbrushes

Thick gold paper

Round punch tool or scissors



1. Paint the cardboard letters with the yellow paint.

2. After they have dried, use the side of the foam paintbrush to carefully put a red edge on each of the letters.

3. Cut out gold circles. You can do so by using a round punch tool or scissors; make sure that the size fits within the red lines on your letters.

4. Glue the gold circles to the letters and you are done!

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