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Exclusive Clip: How to Meet an Alien in ‘Arrival’

What would happen if aliens were to visit us on Earth? The movies have posed that question countless times, in ways thoughtful, exciting, exhilarating, even comic. In Arrival, director Denis Villeneuve (Sicario) presents the question through the lens of simply being human: how do we work together, how do we communicate, how do we connect to each other on the most basic levels? The plot here is fairly familiar; one day 12 alien ships, huge and monolithic, suddenly appear at locations around the planet. The otherworldly inhabitants seem to be trying to tell us something, but no one is able to understand. Enter Dr. Louise Banks (Amy Adams), a noted linguist whom the U.S. military hires to decipher just what it is they’re trying to say before an all-out war ensues.

In this clip, she takes her first crack — a risky one — at extraterrestrial communication. Then see the rest of the story in Arrival when it, well, arrives in theaters November 11.

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