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Exclusive Clip: The Story Behind One Tense Scene in ‘The Infiltrator’

The media has a fascination with the life and times of probably the most infamous drug lord in history, Colombia’s Pablo Escobar, with the popular show Narcos and now The Infiltrator, which was released last July to critical success (69% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes) and is available on FandangoNOW. In it, Bryan Cranston plays Bob Mazur, a real-life customs agent who went deep undercover to infiltrate Escobar’s criminal network, risking his very life to bust the drug ring and its money-laundering bank.

In this tense clip, “The Closet,” Mazur’s real-life fellow agent Emir Abreu (played by John Leguizamo in the film) walks us through what really happened during one scene of the movie as Mazur came THIS close to being caught by one of Escobar’s guys.

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