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Exclusive Video: It’s Unwelcome Brotherly Love in ‘Brother Nature’

In select theaters this Friday, Brother Nature shows just what happens when you fall for someone — but their family isn’t exactly your cup of tea. Uptight politician Roger (Saturday Night Live‘s Taran Killam, who also cowrote) is about to propose to his girlfriend (Gillian Jacobs) at her family’s lake house. Unfortunately for his best laid plans, her crazy camp-counselor brother Todd (Bobby Moynihan, also from SNL) shows up to derail any and all romance by aggressive-friending Roger and leading them into one misadventure after another.

In this video, Killam and Moynihan talk about what happened when they encountered the band Spin Doctors during the shoot, followed by a scene in which the brother-in-laws-to-be first meet at the cabin.

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