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Fall 2016 Family Movie Guide: Something for Everyone

Whew, that incredibly fun and terribly exhausting experience called summer is (almost) over. And now, fall ushers in a hamster-wheel schedule of “gotta do”: school, sports, arts, extracurricular activities, etc. Make sure you schedule some “wanna do” family fun as well, like these fall films:

The Wild Life. It’s Robinson Crusoe as observed by the animal inhabitants of the island where the castaway is shipwrecked. Thankfully, controversial elements from Daniel Defoe’s original book are eliminated; for instance, instead of fighting cannibals, Crusoe teams up with the island’s creatures to battle vicious cats. (PG; September 9)

The Eagle Huntress. A 13-year-old girl wants to pursue a career in a male-dominated world. No problem in 2016, right? The path is a little rockier when it’s a Mongolian teen who wants to hunt with golden eagles, a role held only by men since the days of Genghis Khan. Morgan Spurlock is behind this girl-power doc that shows girls truly can do anything boys can. (G; September 16)

Queen of Katwe. It’s hard to imagine a more inspirational movie will be released this year. It’s the true story of Phiona Mutesi, a girl living on the streets of a Ugandan slum who rises out of her circumstances through the game of chess to become the first woman candidate master in her country’s history. For families with kids whose complaints are first-world problems, this movie will drive that point home. (PG; September 23)

Storks. “Mommy, where do babies come from?” Unfortunately, this movie isn’t going to help you cop out of answering that question. In this animated film, the large birds no longer deliver babies, they’ve pivoted to delivering packages. That is, until an aspiring corporate stork accidentally flips on the baby-making machine and he has to figure out how to get the infant he produced to a set of parents. (PG; September 23)

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. A boy jumps through time to discover an orphanage for odd children with special capabilities. It’s a creepy but kid-friendly adventure to help kick off the Halloween season. (PG-13; September 30)

Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life. Life may never be more awkward, cruel and cringeworthy than grades six through eight. Based on the best-selling book series, this film follows a tween boy who escapes his frustrating family life by making a game out of going to school, attaining points for every school rule he breaks. (PG; October 7)

Trolls. The hideous and colorful fad dolls of our childhood are now a movie for our kids. In this animated film, one troll’s joyful outlook is another troll’s never-ending annoyance. When the two must team up to save their community from a giant, expect music (Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick and Gwen Stefani are among the voice cast) to be a unifier to conquer any ugliness in their world. (PG; November 4)

Doctor Strange. Call it TheWizarding World of the Avengers, this heady origin story follows a genius neurosurgeon who becomes Earth’s protector against mystical threats spread across time and parallel universes. Who needs a pet when you have Schrödinger’s cat? (not yet rated; November 4)

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Call this The Wizarding World Before Harry Potter. Set 90 years ago, a “magizoologist” must recapture the magical creatures he accidentally let loose into the United States as it creates a deep schism between muggle and magical worlds. (PG-13; November 18)

Moana. One 16-year-old girl’s determination to save her people manifests into an adventurous voyage with an older man. Okay, okay, demigod. But as the mother of a teen girl, I say to Disney Animation, separate boats, please. (not yet rated; November 23)

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