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First Look: Duncan Jones’ ‘Blade Runner’-esque ‘Mute’ Is a Companion to ‘Moon’

As director Duncan Jones gets ready to begin production on Mute, he’s teased more concept art from the future-set sci-fi film and we’re already jazzed about its total Blade Runner vibe.

.@MUTE_Film starts shooting in…. one week from today! :0 pic.twitter.com/hbgQVkPyMR

— Duncan Jones (@ManMadeMoon) September 21, 2016

We’re also excited to learn that Mute will be connected to Jones’ Moon, his debut 2009 feature starring Sam Rockwell as a lone worker on board a space station toward the end of a three-year mission who — spoiler alert! — slowly learns that he is, in fact, a clone that’s about to expire and be replaced by another one just like him.

Fans of Jones’ work will probably tout Moon as being their favorite of the films he’s directed so far, among them Source Code and Warcraft. The film is rich in ideas, emotion and world-building, with an aesthetic clearly inspired by sci-fi classics like Alien and Silent Running.

With Mute, Jones will return to the same cinematic universe as Moon for a story set 40 years from now about a mute bartender (Alexander Skarsgard) in Berlin who finds himself sucked into the city’s underbelly while on a quest to find a girl close to him who’s disappeared. Paul Rudd also stars as one half of a duo of surgeons who may be there to help or hinder our bartender’s mission.

As for how it connects to Moon, we’re not sure and Jones isn’t saying. Sam Rockwell’s character from Moon is said to be involved in the film in some fashion; when we left him at the end of Moon there were two versions of him on Earth, one being the original version and one a clone. We know Rockwell’s character also had a daughter — could she be the one our mute bartender is searching for?

Between its noir-ishness teased in the plot synopsis and this art, it’s clear Mute is going to be Jones’ Blade Runner, not to mention a film that he wants to be the second part of a trilogy, beginning with Moon, continuing with Mute and ending with another film whose title will likely begin with “M.”

More Mute concept art courtesy of Dark Horse Comics, who were once set to create a comic based on the upcoming movie

There’s no release date set yet for Mute, though we hope to see its nerdy sci-fi butt in theaters at some point next year or in early 2018.

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