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Get Into a Naughty Kind of Christmas Spirit With This ‘Bad Santa 2’ Clip

Every holiday season a feel-good, all-ages Christmas comedy comes along that wants to unite the whole family in love for what’s supposed to be a joyous, selfless time of giving. It’s safe to say Bad Santa 2 delights in not being that kind of movie.

Sure, there are some feel-good aspects to it, and it’s funny and joyous, but it’s also about a deeply selfish conman (Billy Bob Thornton) who uses the Christmas spirit to take advantage of everyone around him. Oh, and it’s Rated R. That alone should probably be enough to tip you off that this isn’t your normal Christmas comedy.

An overdue sequel to the 2003 comedy, Bad Santa 2 is in theaters Wednesday, November 23, 2016. And we’ve got an exclusive clip from the film that shows off new costar Christina Hendricks and the crass, anti-Christmas sense of humor that made the original movie such a hit.

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