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Ivan Reitman Says They Will Make More ‘Ghostbusters’ Movies

The 2016 female-driven reboot of Ghostbusters was a success in that it got people talking about Ghostbusters again. And they talked a lot about Ghostbusters — from those against the new version to those in favor of it, a ton of noise was made. When all was said and done, the film racked up north of $200 million worldwide, which isn’t bad. According to producer Ivan Reitman, that will be enough to secure more Ghostbusters movies, but whether they stick with the same cast and storyline is a whole different conversation.

While speaking on the Mr. Wavvy podcast (via Slashfilm), Reitman confirmed there will be “many” more Ghostbusters movies, saying they’re “in development” right now.

Previously there were rumors of an extended universe for Ghostbusters; movies featuring all women and others with all men. Perhaps films that could cross over and connect characters — something that would elevate and extend the brand beyond the one ongoing storyline.

You know, like Star Wars is doing.

And that might actually be the best way to go for this franchise, assuming ideas fall into place. They could either continue the current storyline or veer into other kinds of Ghostbusters stories. Maybe there’s some kid who fights ghosts out of his basement; maybe there’s a group of married couples tasked with saving their neighborhood from ghosts. Honestly there are a number of ways to utilize the Ghostbusters brand, a la Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Yet even Rogue One has ties to what came before, not to mention characters we’ve seen before. Could the Ghostbusters brand continue without all of the elements (proton packs, Ecto-1, etc) that make Ghostbusters, well, Ghostbusters?

What do you think?

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