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John Travolta Braces for a Storm In ‘Life on the Line’ Clip

John Travolta Life on the Line

There’s an unsung group of men and women who keep your life running uninterrupted, even if you never really realize it. When there’s a hard-core storm and Mother Nature is raging outside, you batten down the hatches. They put on a raincoat and go outside, ready to work.

These unsung lifesavers are called utility linemen, and they’re the focus of the new thriller Life on the Line. It stars John Travolta as the leader of a group of linemen tasked with keeping the power grid online when a monster storm rolls into town. Imagine The Perfect Storm meets Backdraft only on land and with electricians instead of firefighters, and you’re not far off.

We’ve got an exclusive clip from Life on the Line, which occurs right before the big one starts threatening everything, and everyone, they hold dear.

Life on the Line hits theaters on November 18, 2016. It also stars Devon Sawa, Kate Bosworth and Sharon Stone.

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