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Kurt Russell, on His Future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

From Jeff Bridges to Robert Redford to Michael Douglas, Marvel Studios has never shied away from populating their movies with the coolest veteran actors. That trend continues when next year’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 adds none other than Kurt Russell to its cast, playing Star-Lord’s (Chris Pratt) long-lost father.

“We had a great time on that film — it was a lot of fun,” Russell told Fandango during a wide-ranging interview at the Toronto International Film Festival in support of this month’sDeepwater Horizon, in theaters September 30. “Great experience. That guy James Gunn really knows what he’s doing; he’s real sharp. And all the cast is great — I had a great time working with Chris [Pratt].”

Russell didn’t want to give too much away regarding his role in the film beyond what’s already known, though he did say that Pratt’s Star-Lord goes through a bit of an emotional roller coaster in the sequel, especially as he comes to terms with who his father really is. “Kids always put their parents on a pedestal,” Russell said. “Well, what happens when they don’t turn out to be the people you want them to be?”

Kurt Russell in Deepwater Horizon, in theaters September 30

The big question, of course, is that with Russell now in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, does that mean he’ll be around for more Marvel movies?

“What you’d have to do is put your mind to it,” he explained when we asked about his future with Marvel. “You have to sit down and say, these are my issues — these are my questions. I’m an audience too. We all run into our own integrity no matter what, as much as I hate to admit it. I need to find a way that this is going to grow and be fun and most of all for me it needs to be fun to find as we go along. Right now I got part of it — we have to see. I don’t know. I don’t know if I fit into that mold.”

We have much more with Russell — including some thoughts on sequels, franchises and that Big Trouble in Little China remake, not to mention a very interesting conversation about Deepwater Horizon and why we seem to ignore the human element in certain disaster situations. Stay tuned for more of that part of our conversation soon.

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