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The Makers of ‘Bad Moms’ Tease 9 or 10 Sequels

With its raunchy, relatable suburban-mom humor, Bad Moms crushed it at the box office over the summer to the tune of $179 million worldwide (on only a $20 million budget). Like a Mean Girls for moms, the R-rated comedy quickly became the go-to summer movie for a ladies’ night out, and not only is there talk of a Bad Dads spin-off, but Bad Moms writer-directors Jon Lucas and Scott Moore want fans to know that a sequel to Bad Moms is most assuredly on its way, too.

Not only that, but they want the Bad Moms brand to thrive for many sequels, Police Academy-style.

“We want to go full Police Academy where we are on, like, number 9 or 10 and still trying out how to make this funny,” Lucas told CinemaBlend. “Our goal right now, first and foremost, is to make Bad Moms 2. To find out a way to get the sequel off the ground, because we had such a great experience making the movie.”

Moore and Lucas admit they may also be involved in the Bad Dads movie, but their primary focus is on Bad Moms 2. They also revealed the studio is considering other kinds of “Bad” movies, so we wouldn’t rule out Bad Kids or Bad Grandmas or Bad Mailmen — whatever seems ripe for a sassy R-rated take, you bet it’s being discussed as we speak.

But can the Bad Moms franchise thrive for 9 or 10 movies? Can you use the Police Academy model of keeping a certain core cast and then swap new moms in and out as their adventures continue?

What would you like to see?

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