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News Briefs: ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ to Get a Sequel

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming: On the heels of the successful launch of its first trailer, Spider-Man: Homecoming will spawn a sequel. Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 is now set for release on Friday, July 5, 2019. No other details about the sequel have been announced. Bad Boys 4, which was previously scheduled for that date, has now moved up to May 24, 2019. [Deadline]

The Last Photograph: The sequel to Justice League has been pushed back to make way for Ben Affleck’s stand-alone Batman movie, leaving a hole in director Zack Snyder’s schedule that he intends to fill by making The Last Photograph. The war thriller is set in Afghanistan and follows a war correspondent who teams up with a special ops soldier in search of a missing family member. [THR]

Alien: Covenant: James Franco is rumored to play a supporting role in Alien: Covenant. According to the report, Franco will portray the captain of the spaceship Covenant, who is also the husband of the character played by Katherine Waterston. The movie is scheduled to open on May 19. [AvPGalaxy]

Things to Come Clip: Isabelle Huppert, who is picking up awards heat for her sterling performance in Paul Verhoeven’s Elle, also stars in Things to Come as a philosophy teacher whose life begins to take some unexpected turns. In a quiet-yet-tense new clip, she faces off with her husband, who plans to leave her. The movie is now playing in select theaters. [Movieclips]

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