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‘Rogue One’ Buzz: A Funny Thing Happened When K-2SO Met C-3PO

“He called me a sh*t!”

That’s the response we got from Alan Tudyk, who plays the new droid K-2SO in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, when asked what happened when he met Anthony Daniels, the man behind one of the franchise’s most iconic droids, C-3PO.

Fandango sat down with Tudyk for an extensive conversation about joining the Star Wars universe for the first time, and playing a different kind of droid – one with an extremely dry wit to go with the strength of ten men combined.

So why, exactly, would Anthony Daniels call Tudyk a “sh*t” upon meeting him for the first time?

“Yeah he called me a shit because I didn’t have to wear a costume,” Tudyk said. “He was being sassy. His character is so different from K-2SO that there wasn’t really a lot of advice I could get from him. His advice was mainly suit centric; how you’re gonna want to get air conditioning in your suit, and how you’re gonna want water on hand – that kind of thing. Also, his character is so specific to him, there wasn’t much where we could share tips with one another. I mean, I was on stilts!”

Tudyk explained that his motion-capture suit, which included stilts that brought his height up to around seven feet, were also fashioned with these bionic feet that helped him walk in a more fluid way versus someone who looked like they were walking while wearing stilts.

“The bionic feet! Those went away pretty fast, though,” Tudyk said. “Because they were heavier, and even a small amount of weight would impact you as the day went on. The other feet they had were so great at having a spring in the toe, and I could really get the run going – I was so comfortable. They were aerobic and athletic, and fantastic.”

Though Tudyk’s performance of K-2SO was accomplished using a more modern motion-capture technique versus the physical suit that Daniels wore for C-3PO, Tudyk was still on set the entire time wearing those stilts and interacting with the cast so that they knew where he was in the scene and, more importantly, how far to look up at him.

All of it combined for a fascinating experience that was made even more special once Tudyk watched Rogue One for the first time with the rest of the cast.

“I wanted to watch it again the minute it was over,” he said. “Because there is so much to take in. I think people are really going to respond to it, though. I know I’m in it, so I’m bias as hell, but I’ve seen it and it is brilliant.”

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