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‘Rogue One’ Roundup: Opening Box Office, Deleted Scenes and Who’ll Be Coming Back

Another Star Wars movie is out now, and obviously it’s all everyone wants to discuss on the Internet. To help organize all the chatter, we have answers to all the important questions being asked below.

How much money has it made so far?

Rogue One picked up $29 million in preview showings last Thursday night. That’s the year’s best for Thursday-night gross, beating both sides of the superhero spectrum (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice made $27.7 million in March and Captain America: Civil War made $25 million). The movie pulled in $155 million for the weekend in the U.S., while the global total is now at $290 million.

Will there be a sequel after all?

Previously we’ve been assured there will be no sequel to Rogue One other than the direct follow-up that already exists (A New Hope), but now The Hollywood Reporter claims at least one character could return in some capacity somewhere. Actress Felicity Jones has an option for a second movie in her contract, which could be hint that she’ll make an appearance in the stand-alone Han Solo movie.

What’s missing from the movie?

Many sites are highlighting all the shots and scenes from trailers that have been deleted or reworked, including Jyn’s introduction to Mon Mothma, moments with Darth Vader and most of the climactic battle (also both shots pictured above). We recommend /Film’s list, which includes screen caps and analysis of what was cut or altered and why.

And what never existed at all?

Also missing from the released cut of Rogue One are various scenes and sequences that were rumored but now prove to have been false. Screen Crush has that list of misinformation, and it’s possible some of the wrong facts were the result of early drafts of or thoughts for the script.

What’s there but not there?

Fans of the franchise will be spotting many Easter eggs in Rogue One referencing other Star Wars movies and maybe some of its influences. Director Gareth Edwards told Fandango that a whole planet owes its look to Alien while other influences include Apocalypse Now and Blade Runner.

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