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Watch Jeffrey Dean Morgan Hunt Humans in Intense New ‘Desierto’ Trailer

With border control one of the hot points of this year’s presidential election, Desierto is a very topical movie. Produced by Alfonso Cuaron and directed by his son Jonas Cuaron, the thriller stars Gael Garcia Bernal as a man attempting to illegally cross into the United States only to be hunted relentlessly by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. For some viewers, Morgan’s character might be seen as the hero, but for the Cuarons, who previously collaborated on the script for Gravity, he’s definitely the villain. A terrifying one at that.

One critic blurbed in the new trailer below even says he’s “one of the most horrifying villains of recent cinema.” Desierto premiered this month at the Toronto International Film Festival and received mixed reviews, but those that are positive show an excitement for the film and its conventional but well-crafted genre trappings that make you easily ignore the negatives. One of the other blurbs tells us that if we look at it as a horror film, it’s a “masterpiece.”

Watch the new trailer below.

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