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The Week in Movie News: Here’s What You Need to Know

Need a quick recap on the past week in movie news? Here are the highlights:


James Bond 25 frontrunners: In two years, we’ll be getting another James Bond movie, supposedly with Daniel Craig returning as 007. This week, we also heard about three filmmakers in the running to direct the movie. Read more here and here.


James Cameron wants even more Terminator: Rather than just doing one more Terminator movie as previously announced, James Cameron reveals he wants to do a trilogy reinventing the property. Read morehere.


Wonder Woman for Best Picture?: Reportedly Warner Bros. is going to pushing hard for Oscar consideration for Wonder Woman, which is currently the year’s second highest-grossing movie in the US. Read more here.


Comic-Con Buzz and Trailers: We survived another Comic-Con, and along the way we brought coverage on the MCU, DCEU, Ready Player One, Spawn and more. Read and see everything here and here and here and here.


Suburbicon shows Clooney doing Coens: You’d never guess Suburbicon isn’t a total Coen Brothers effort. The duo did write the movie, which was actually directed by George Clooney. Watch the first trailer here:

LBJ reveals a barely recognizable star: Can you tell who that is playing President Lyndon B. Johnson? Check out the trailer to find out here:

It doubles down on dread and horror: A new trailer for Stephen King’s It has arrived and it looks pretty darn scary. Watch it below.

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