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Study finds link between type 1 diabetes and increased risk of bone fractures in men

Our aim was to investigate the quality and density of bones in men with type 1 diabetes mellitus. We studied 33 men aged 20-63 with the diabetes and, for comparison, 28 healthy men of comparable age.

Compared to the healthy men, we found, using X-ray and other tools, that men with type 1 diabetes displayed lower bone density across the whole body, together with more frequent bone disease, such as preosteoporosis and osteoporosis, at their hips. They also had a lower trabecular bone score – this is a measure of bone microarchitecture that, alongside bone density, is a good predictor of fracture risk. And their bones had significantly lower mechanical strength.

These findings were supported by blood samples, which also confirmed that there were no significant differences between those with diabetes and the healthy men in levels of calcium, parathyroid hormone or vitamin D3, which are often associated with bone disease.

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