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Banana Milo Milkshake: Here’s how to prepare this yummy beverage-fruit mixture

Banana milo milkshake combines a cup of your favourite beverage and banana.

This drink isn’t just yummy and nutritious alone but healthy due to the high potassium content which is great for muscle functions and maintaining a healthy balance of fluids in our bodies.

play Banana milo milkshake with whipping cream and strawberry toppings (Afrolems)





2 tablespoons of vanilla ice-cream

1/4 cup of whipped cream

Handful of chopped strawberries


1. Pour the milk, milo, ice cream and banana(cut into smaller sizes) into a blender and blend till it’s smooth.

play Put the milk, milo, ice cream and banana in the blender and blend it together till it becomes smooth (I’m hungry too)

2. Serve in a glass. Add the whipped cream on it and sprinkle some of the berries.


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