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Barman TV Episode 4: The new African Negroni

Welcome to The Barman. After eliminating 3 contestants last week, We are now down to our final 6 bartenders as the challenges get tougher.

In our quest to bring true African flavour to life in this challenge, we sought out an authentic Agbo herbalist, to help prepare the roots that the contestants will have to infuse into their cocktails.

The new African Negroniplay

The new African Negroni

The Negroni is a popular classic cocktail created in Florence Italy between 1919 & 1920. It is rich with legend and story and is a connoisseurs favourite.

The new African Negroniplay

The new African Negroni


The classic recipe features equal parts of Campari, Sweet Vermouth & Gin, however before the Negroni came the Americano (A long drink with Campari- Sweet Vermouth & Club Soda) and after the Negroni came the Sbagliato (Pronouced SPA-GLEE-AH-TO) features equal parts sweet vermouth, campari and sparkling wine.

Join us as we find The Barman

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