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Bread Transformation: Want to make your stale loaf fresh again? Try this

Have you had to trash a loaf or half of bread because it got stale?

I’m sure your response to that question is yes.

For me, nothing tastes better than a chunk of fresh bread. The feeling usually is heaven on earth.

play A loaf of fresh bread (YouTube)

To start with, fresh bread’s got this inviting aroma that takes a lot of effort to resist. Next to the aroma is the feel. OMG! it’s soft, tender and so fragile you don’t want to handle just anyhow. Finally, the taste. It’s usually everything it promises it is and even more. I could literally feed on a fresh loaf of bread without any supplementary meal to go with.

Sadly enough, to every fresh bread, there’s always a stale side. But guess what, you don’t have to get rid of that stale bread anymore, you just need to make it fresh once again. How?

1. Pour some water on the bread

play Pour water on the bread (Babamail)

In soaking the bread crust with water, try to avoid getting the cut side of the bread too wet.

2. Bake the soaked bread

play Put the soaked bread in an oven and bake (Cougar kitchen)

Bake the wet bread for 6-12 minutes at 300-325°F, depending on how wet the bread is.

Here’s how it works. The water turns to steam, which re-hydrates the bread’s crumb, or interior, while the heat of the oven firms up the crust.

Would you give it a try?

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