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Domino’s Chocolate Pizza: There’s a new type of pizza and food lovers can’t decide if they love it

Just when we thought nothing we’ve had the best of our pizzas, Domino’s pizza just blew our mind with this new pizza treat.

Domino’s just combined two of our favourite treats- chocolate and pizza called the “Lotta-Chocca Pizza,” which is made of milk chocolate melted over a 6-inch dough base.

Introducing our NEW Lotta Chocca pizza! Delicious warm dough, with melted milk chocolate on top. The perfect end t… https://t.co/zDA48BL6x5

— Domino’s Cardiff (@CardiffDP) 2013-07-22 14:22:09.0

Unfortunately, this pizza trend is still in the UK and is yet to travel its way down to other locations.

According to a spokesperson for Domino’s, “We’re delighted to add the new Lotta-Chocca pizza to our menus … It’s already proving very popular so we’d suggest that people do try it quickly whilst stocks last, though we’d remind our Domino’s super fans that it is a sharing dessert for four, not all for one!”

While some fans can’t seem to get over this treat and have given positive reviews about this chocolate pizza like it’s the best thing they’ve had.

Speaking of sharing, a serving of this super sweet delight is a whopping 204kcal. Apparently, the whole box is clearly not meant for just a mouth.

so i had the chocolate pizza from dominos on saturday and i haven’t stopped thinking about it since, it has really changed my life

— Ella Pritchard (@ellapritchardx) 2013-07-22 14:22:09.0

Some even scored the pizza, a 7 out of 10, which, of course, is good grade.

I can safely say I rate the chocolate pizza from dominos a strong 7/10.

— freya (@JONAZVASQUEZ) 2013-07-22 14:22:09.0

Others are a little disgusted by it and have gone ahead to express their displeasure.

just gonna say the new Dominos chocolate pizza is literally chocolate on garlic bread (without garlic) and it’s disgusting :/

— elliot ƎE (@hvroscopes) 2013-07-22 14:22:09.0

And some are quite disappointed as it didn’t turn out to be what they expected.

Was legit buzzed to try the dominos chocolate pizza and it was the biggest disappointment EVER

— meadhbh flynn (@bertflynnxx) 2013-07-22 14:22:09.0

Some even suggested what a chocolate pizza should look like.

@dominos @JesssBennett @Dominos_UK I’ll leave this here to show you what a real Chocolate Pizza looks like….… https://t.co/MvBpi2gMT6

— Aaron Gleeson  (@_aarongleeson) 2013-07-22 14:22:09.0

What can we say? We only hope Domino’s take everyone’s feedbacks and make something better to suit the majority. In the main time, we can only wait and see where this ends.

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