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Food Styling: Love to take fancy pictures of your food? Here’s how to

So, we all want to put our best looks out there, even when it comes to our foods.

Being a food stylist is one of the fun and creative arts a food lover should totally be into and transforming your boring food pictures into interesting pictures that will get you more than the number of likes and views you desire on your food pictures is pretty much easy if you know how to apply these tricks and tips.

1. Add the ingredients separately on the food

play Arrange the ingredients separately so that they are evenly distributed (Buzz Feed Blue/ YouTube)

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When you add your ingredients separately, it makes them look well organised and evenly distributed and the colours pop out nicely. That way, you don’t have some things clustered more at a point and others at another.

2. Think like the camera

play Arrange the best ingredient at an angle that you intend to capture with the camera (Buzz Feed Blue/ YouTube)

You want to arrange your food in such a way that the best looking ingredients are arranged at the angle you want to take pictures from. Not only should you put the best of your ingredients in the position of the camera, but arrange it neatly and evenly as well.

3. Spray and brush

play Spray the veggies with water and brush the meats with oil to keep it moist (Buzz Feed Blue/ YouTube)

For veggies, spray some water on it to make it look all fresh instead of looking all dried up. For meats and protein, brush with some oil so that it looks moist and inviting.

4. Create a bit of imperfection

play Create a bit of imperfection by adding crumbs to make it look really natural (Buzz Feed Blue/ YouTube)

You don’t want your food looking so staged or artificial. For fruits, you could add droplets of water on the body of the fruits and for cookies and such, spread a bit of the crumb on the plate just so it looks natural and inviting.

5. Always garnish

play Never forget to garnish (Mom’s junction)

No one is attracted to anything plane. So, spice your food up with some garnishing to add a bit of details and colours to the food. Remember, we’re mostly moved by colours when it comes to food.

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