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Garri: With no packaging or publicity whatsoever, this is still Nigerian’s favourite

Garri is a popular Nigerian food made from cassava, we call it cassava flour when we want to sound tush.

Unlike so many other nice delicacies which come in several fancy packages with each manufacturer coming up with ideas that will aid the productivity of their products in the market, our favourite garri has got no such packaging and is mostly displayed naked in the market, and even when a buyer wants to purchase some, there’s no fancy packaging whatsoever. (Packaging)

play Garri is sold with no packaging (Foods NG)

It’s no news that to get your product out to the market, there’s a need to constantly put up interesting and captivating adverts aimed at a targeted audience on television stations, radio stations, popular websites, blogs and social media channels.

Very little or no such adverts have been placed to convince people to constantly purchase this food. But guess what, garri continues to sell as natural as a bag of pure water. (Publicity)

So, it’s actually safe to say, garri has been in no way favoured ever since we’ve known this food, yet it’s one of Nigerians favourite. How do I know this?

let’s finalize this Rt for Garri Fav for indomie https://t.co/EQKWgIwmqt

— ⛔F A A S H (@FaisalFaash) 2013-07-22 14:22:09.0

Apparently, there’s a garri vs Indomie war going on on the internet and garri happens to winning the challenge.

So, here’s why garri is our favourite. You know, there is something about garri that we can’t just resist, even though it doesn’t require any form of cooking, no spice, no oil, no fire or anything, this dish has a way of appealing to our taste bud, oesophagus and of course, refreshes our souls and fills the stomach.

It even gets better when you’ve got the perfect combination; garri, sugar, milk, groundnut and yes, ice chilled water.

play Garri, sugar, milk and groundnut, the best combination ever (Rent a food artist)

Although, was once perceived as a poor man food (because it is affordable and requires little extra ingredients to make a meal of it) but now, the perspective has changed. I mean we love garri because it is garri, not because it is a poor man’s food or any of such myths and beliefs.

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Speaking of combination, while some prefer their garri without milk, others (like me) can’t do without. And yeah, some would rather soak garri and chew the groundnut separately but for me, it’s a no. The softness that garri water introduces to the groundnut plus the overall mixture and taste you get from it is just bae.

But wait a minute, shouldn’t we consider making garri one of those sophisticated foods (in terms of packaging and publicity) we see on tv and other social media channels?

Yes, No, Maybe so…

All that matters is that we have our garri and we totally love it as it is.

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