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Homemade Chocolate Cappuccino: Here’s how you can tweak your coffee up a bit.

What can taste better than rich milk chocolate and creamy cappuccino? The thought of it is heaven on earth.

Chocolate cappuccino is a beverage that combines the sweet taste of chocolate, the creaminess of milk and some caffeine all in one glass. I mean, why should you take your coffee bare and plain when you can tweak it a bit and enjoy a delicious creamy taste that doesn’t only satisfy you but does justice to your sweet cravings and eventually leaves you with a heaven on earth experience.

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Here’s how you can prepare your own special glass of chocolate cappuccino.


1. Whipping cream

2. Granulated sugar

3. finely chopped semisweet chocolate or finely chopped milk chocolate

4. Coffee

5. peppermint candy (optional)

play Chocolate cappuccino (Magarec eitas)


1. Beat the whipping cream and the powdered sugar in a bowl and put it aside.

2. Add 1 spoon of chopped chocolate and 1 spoon of the peppermint candy (if you’re using this) in a teacup. Add hot coffee and mix well.

3. Top it with whipped cream and curls of chocolate.

Enjoy your chocolate cappuccino.

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