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Nigerian Recipe: How to make Amala with microwave in just 5 minutes

Amala is a typical Nigerian delicacy that belongs to the Yorubas.

Amala, made out of yam flour, is one delicious but tricky meal to prepare. If enough flour isn’t added, it becomes sticky, and if it is too much, on the other hand, it becomes hard like a ball, and no one wants to deal with a hard, tough Amala.

Rather than go through the stress of sweating profusely as you clamp a hot pot of boiling water in between both legs in an attempt to make a lump free, fluffy Amala, just try the microwave method.

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play Making Amala the crude way (Nairaland)

So, here’s how you can make Amala using a microwave.


1. Yam flour

2. Water


1. Put yam flour in a glass bowl. Add some water to make a paste out of it and stir, blending properly to get rid of lumps.

play Mix yam flour and water in a bowl (Matse cooks)

2. Cover and put in the oven for about 3 minutes. It should be semi solid by now.

3. Using a wooden spoon, mix well to keep lumps away as you shape the amala into a ball shape.

play Stir the amala (Matse cooks)

4. Cover it and return to the oven for another 2 minutes.

play Cover and put it in the oven (Matse cooks)

5. With the same wooden spatula, turn and mix the amala some more. You can sprinkle some water and stir, if you the need to soften it a little.

play Shape your amala into a ball, serve and enjoy (Chop chop)

There you go. Serve and enjoy!

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