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DIY Recipe: How to make chocolate with coconut oil (video)

Dark chocolates are super healthy.

Not only are chocolates so healthy but are quite easy to prepare. So why won’t we be glad to make them at are convenience every now and then?

Dark chocolates have low sugar and contain 85% or more cocoa, unlike the milky chocolate candy.


1. Coconut oil

2. Honey

3. Cocoa powder

4. Vanilla essence

play Ingredients for chocolate (Health Nut Nation/YouTube)


1. In a saucepan, pour the coconut oil and put it on low heat so that it doesn’t get burnt.

2. Add the honey to the coconut oil and keep stirring.

play Mix the coconut oil and honey (Health Nut Nation/YouTube)

3. Add the cocoa powder and stir till you get a glossy and smooth liquid dark chocolate.

play Add the cocoa powder (Health Nut Nation/YouTube)

4. Add the vanilla essence and stir.

5. Pour the chocolate into any container of your choice. You can even pour it into cupcake pans.

play Pour the chocolate into any container of your choice before refrigerating it (Health Nut Nation/YouTube)

6. Refrigerate it so that it becomes hard as it takes the shape of the container.

There you go. Eat as many bars dark chocolates as you can. They are completely healthy.

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