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DIY Recipes: How to make coconut butter

Coconut butter is a sweet and healthy bread spread recipe.

Coconut butter is basically made with one major ingredient, coconut, and it requires just one process, blend. So, let’s get to it. Here’s how to make it.

play (Nom Nom Paleo)


1. 6 cups shredded coconut

2. 2 tsp coconut oil

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1. Put the shredded coconut in the blender and blend on high speed. Make sure the blender is completely dry before putting the coconut.

play Blend shredded coconut (Paleo Flourish Magazine)

2. Stop blending occasionally. Using a spoon, push the coconut stains on the wall of the blender down. Repeat the process about 2 more times.

3. Add the coconut ol and blend on high speed for about 5 minutes.

play Pour coconut butter in your jar and store in a cool place (Bakerita)

Pour it into a jar and store in a cool dry place.

That’s all about coconut butter.

Serve and enjoy.

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